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A question commonly addressed to children all over the world is ‘What do you want to be when you grow up?’ As practicality is a notion unknown to children and they live in a world where their dreams are their only reality, the answer shared by many is that they want to be an actor or singer or something equally fanciful. People of all ages, be it little kids or grown-ups are exposed to famous artists and actors. Everyone watches movies, listens to music, and thus is aware of these professions. That’s all they want to be when they grow up. However, what many fail to notice is the amount of hard work and commitment it takes to reach that part. In most societies, the hardest profession is considered to be that of a medical professional or someone of similar academic stature- however, the training of a good musician starts way before anyone starts their academics!

A musician who worked hard his entire life to grow in stature and melody is Piano Virtuoso Mesgesha Issac Francis who started practicing and learning from the tender age of five to be able to reach where he is now. He hails from Los Angeles and starting from the young age of 5 he was being classically trained in piano and by the time he was 13, he was already being managed by Robert Feldman- the father of the infamous Corey Feldman. Under the guidance of Robert, Issac also launched an acting career and starred in TV shows and advertisements.

Issac had a relatively normal childhood- he went to Washington Prep High School in LA in his teen years. He was coincidentally exposed to numerous people who would grow up to be big names in the industry. As a major part of the industry is the connections you foster, luck was on his side as he was school mates with numerous people who would become famous later on including Gary Gray, YoYo, Ice Cube, Johnny J, and even Raquel Robinson! Issac didn’t abandon his studies after high school but rather continued his education at UCLA and then at West LA College where he was scouted by a musical professional. After being discovered, he resumed his training and became a music teacher at an academy for five years between 1991 and 1996.

Issac has numerous styles that he has mastered- he is proficient in Gospel, Hip-Hop, and Jazz. The artists he considers his influence are Stravinsky, Thelonious Monk, Bolly Preston, Herbie Hancock as well as Liberace. A Rao Producer gave him the stage name ‘Mystro’, but he also goes by the moniker given to him ‘Black Liberace’! His talent has allowed him to work with numerous big names in the industry, including Jodeci, The Luniz, Warren G, and Janet Jackson.

Mystro has become famous for his numerous achievements. He has been part of the Musicians Union Local since 2000 and has worked with numerous companies including MCA Records, Capitol Records, and Virgin Records. He has also been recognized by Nord Keyboards- a world-renowned keyboard company and has signed with them since 2013!

One particular piece that kickstarted Mystros fame was the tribute he gave to Michael Jackson. To honor the legend, Mystro produced a Piano Hip-Hop as well as Jazz Instrumental EP named ‘Michael Jacksonology.’ This track got him a lot of positive reviews as well as recognition from the Michael Jackson estate. The viral track can be found here:

Mystro recently completed a Piano Ep featuring a tribute to the NBA Legend Kobe Bryant and his daughter. The track is set to release in 2020 and all his fans over the world are eager to hear it! He can be approached on his Instagram: mystro_blackliberace where his fans can follow his road uphill!

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