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Munir GhiaseyJ is a renowned artist, art designer, and an engineer residing from Mazar-e Sharif, Afghanistan. He lives his life devoted to the love of design and arts. He also does brilliant photoshop and edits plus has a learning platform to spread his knowledge and skills to others. Munir has cultivated his life surrounded by art and made his dream of being a prominent artist become true because of his persistent efforts. He focused on his studies making his family proud while also continuing to refine his artistic skills so that he can pursue a career in both divisions. Munir’s vast experience in various subjects is the reason he wants to create a wider audience, so more people can be introduced to editing and art lectures. Munir wants to be part of the media, and influence more people that are into design and technology.

Munir is popular on all his social media accounts. His Instagram has over 15 thousand followers that are drastically rising daily. His popularity among artists and designers is apparent with the number of shout outs and collaborations he receives on his page. He has many supporters who constantly appreciate his sketches and design work. His hobbies range from Fitness, modeling, traveling, and making funny Tiktoks for his large audience. His stories are full of recollection of childhood memories, birthday celebrations, fashion, and lifestyle tips. His knowledge transcends to hair care products and fashion styling as well. Munir’s Instagram feed is loaded with aesthetic pictures of him modeling in various places, and also his fitness journeys. He is an inspiration for all individuals who strive to do more than just their academic career grants them. Munir is an engineer by profession yet his multi-talented personality enables him to make time for his artwork, workouts, and YouTube videos. He is the ideal representation of a well-balanced man, who saw what he could achieve and used his potential and effective time management to the fullest extent. You can follow Munir and see his daily adventures through his Instagram by just using the username munir_ghiaseyj and gaining access to this handsome upcoming celebrity.

The most interesting story of Munir’s life is how he began his career as an influencer and an artist on the Internet. His family wanted him to become an engineer as they considered it a credible career. However, Munir had a different perspective on life. He always visualized achieving things that are out of his comfort zone. He wanted to join the media business and become a celebrity-like figure who is a positive influence for people to look up to. Munir had a sudden realization after listening to his parent’s wishes; he wanted to pursue two futures and not choose between them both. Thus, this initiated his journey into making beautiful portrait sketches and posting them online. In a few months, he branched to other sectors of art, such as digital art, design, and editing. His love for technology opened a gate towards learning how to do green screens and other production methods. Eventually, Munir developed expertise in a diverse range of categories and now inspires thousands like him to follow his path.

Munir has a YouTube channel with hundreds of subscribers even though he just started in 2017. He has many videos to educate the masses on production elements such as editing pictures, videos, overlays, and green screen edits! His YouTube is a guidebook for people eager to learn about photoshop, video editing, and how to copyright videos. His content is a free platform for all, and this increases Munir’s value as a generous soul.

Munir has established himself from nothing to an excellent man who knows about a lot about different topics. He has studied, polished his skills, and now looks forward to spreading his knowledge to the masses. He is a motivation for all people who have multiple dreams and want to achieve them all. He is proof that you can attain them all. Munir can also be contacted on his phone number available on his Instagram biography and Facebook profile that goes by the name Munir GhiaseyJ.

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