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Most Wanted Models is a modeling agency based in Germany. They are an international platform that helps aspiring models reach their desired audiences and land brand deals. They have been in business ever since the 90s and thus, have built connections and networks with countless companies in this industry. They have signed with many models throughout their years.

The founding members were based in Munich, Germany at the time of inception. They felt as if there was a gap in the industry – a missing link between models and jobs. They wished to fill this gap not only for Germany but also for the rest of Europe. Most Wanted Models was thus started in 1997 and has been taking on clients ever since.

Initially, they were gathering a clientele based in the country. After the members spent plenty of time getting the word out, they had managed to become quite well-known in Germany. Every aspiring model wished to join the agency. Most Wanted Models managed to grow and learn a lot about running a business and marketing themselves. They were doing so well that eventually, international clients started looking their way.

Aspiring models from all over Europe began reaching out to them. They wanted to avail their services and get their name out there and hence, the agency started to grow even more. This was great for the business as brands loved the diversity that was coming their way. As the years went by, their clientele and diversity grew even more. Today, they have over 700 models with them from all parts of the world. Their models specialize in different subfields such as e-commerce, catwalks, campaign bookings, and much more.

The company had been doing so well for so long that they decided to open up their second location in Hamburg, Germany in 2012. This eased off the heavy audience coming to one place in Munich and brought them even more models and brands. They have since also decided to take on Instagram influencers and bloggers to join their team. Most Wanted Models acknowledge the value and impact social media has on the world. The agency has managed to create a separate department solely for the social media side of work so that any client coming in will be able to avail their quality services.

Currently, the successful international agency has over 40.8k followers on Instagram alone. They have managed to garner a large social media following and audience not just on Instagram but also on other platforms. Most Wanted Models make sure to upload content almost every single day as keeping their followers engaged is imperative to them.

On their Instagram, they make sure to get the word out about any of the latest models or partners they have taken on board. Very regularly, the agency uploads photos from the most recent photoshoots of their model clients. These can be closeups or wide-angled photos. They also appreciate their models by uploading their magazine covers. This also helps to inspire other up and coming models to join the agency. The Instagram page is very vibrant and full of many international faces and personalities.

Additionally, the agency runs a successful website. On this website, one can see many of the company’s and its models’ achievements. One of their models, very recently, had a campaign with Fendi, a popular fashion brand. The website also allows aspiring clients to drop their applications in case they wish to pursue their journey with Most Wanted Models.181

The agency has made sure to take on some of the best male and female models from all across the world. Something they pride themselves with is that they are always open to discover new talents. Brands and partners appreciate the constant generation of new faces for their campaigns. Most Wanted Models Agency values their model clients and helps them achieve their custom individual goals to grow their image by providing a platform and constant guidance and advice.

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