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Talent is something that Morgan Braastad has never lacked. Her social media success story is new but worth telling. Social Media influence is something Morgan started only a few years ago. Expectedly, within that few years, she proved that she is made for the job. Her journey started when Morgan moved to Chicago seven years ago and was contacted by several photographers who wanted to build their portfolios. Eager to help them out, Morgan agreed to model for them even when she had never modeled professionally before apart from being a store model for Abercrombie & Fitch. It was understandably difficult for Morgan to take this decision, but she decided that she should dive into it because there is always less to lose and a lot to gain from stepping out of your comfort zone.

Due to her outstanding work as a model, Morgan’s social media engagement began to grow noticeably, especially through the web of Fashion and Photography. It did not take a long time before Morgan’s name and presence began expanding both on national and international platforms. Today the count of followers on her official Instagram is over 100 Thousand!

If you are thinking that this is all that Morgan has to offer the world, you might want to guess again because there is more! Apart from being a rising model star in Chicago, Morgan also runs a rapidly growing YouTube channel by the name “Morgan Braastad” which currently has over 14 thousand subscribers! Her YouTube channel is where she interacts with her community. Unlike most YouTube bloggers, her YouTube content is not only focused on herself but also on her followers. Morgan through her YouTube content and personal life experiences such as dating, college applications, daily routine, gives good advice to her followers through her series called “Slice of Advice”. This series is made for her followers so they can easily avoid a tough situation or get to a good one easily. Morgan not only focuses on personal growth, dating, and advice but also helps her followers who are interested in pursuing a Law Degree like herself. Yes, you read right! Morgan is also a Law student! She has made several YouTube videos where she gives tips and tricks to submit a successful Law college application or to get a great score in the Final Law Exam. Her content also includes relatable dating stories, her makeup routines, and even some of her music.

Morgan’s YouTube subscribers and followers love her dearly. Total views on her YouTube channel is a whopping number of 1.8 Million, with a 7.4 thousand average video views. With Morgan’s rising success as both a model and an influencer on a variety of social media platforms, her name is surely expected to be important in industries like Fashion and Photography and even YouTube.

Her fame although is not unicorns and rainbows for her all the time as it is also met by some problems like stealing and replication of her content by other people which is a growing problem when it comes to Social Media fame. Even with the threat, Morgan has never once stopped working hard and creating mind-blowing content. For Morgan, giving up is not a chance and success is her only goal. The famous social media influence Morgan Brastaad is many things at once: a model, a musician, a YouTuber, an entrepreneur, a law student and we believe that she will pave her way to a bright future in all these things.

If you are reading about Morgan for the first time, we urge you to check out her Instagram at @morganbrastaad and YouTube at “Morgan Brastaad”. We guarantee that you won’t regret it.

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