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When it is time to decide our career, we usually find ourselves walking towards orthodox career paths. However, some courageous people break this norm by pursuing eccentric careers. These people have the guts and the creativity to not let societal norms drag them down. Instead, they commit themselves to pursue something that they desire and through their efforts end up making a name for themselves. One such career paths are stand-up comedy. To many, it might seem easy – requiring one to just stand up on a stage and have a conversation with the audience. But, in reality, the amount of effort and unpredictability it incorporates is beyond one’s understanding. Everyone can find ways to make people laugh, but only some can do it consistently every single night, at times for hours at end. One such inspiring individual, amongst this small group of valiant people, is Demarco Montana Richardson.


Demarco Richardson, known by his stage name Montana Richardson, is a phenomenal stand-up comic from West Memphis, Arkansas. Known for his humor, wit, and quips, Richardson’s decision to become a comedian didn’t come about during his adulthood. Rather, ever since he was a little kid, he knew that he had a talent. He always found himself being the class clown, making his colleagues and teachers constantly laugh. He even actively volunteered to be the energizer for the crowd, easily managing to pump the audience up in readiness for whatever was to come after. He realized that he did something special by easily making people laugh, something that takes an immense amount of skill and talent.


Comics have many gifts bestowed upon them. One special gift that gets overlooked often is the gift of connection. They have a relatability factor that makes their listeners recognize that they aren’t alone in this world. They help their audience reconnect with themselves, the world and the people around them. This gift was very evident in Richardson, and in order to share it with the world, he took the big step of choosing this as his career path.


From that day onwards, Montana Richardson has been keeping his nose to grindstone to make his dream come true. There is no doubt in saying that all of his hard work paid off when he got to feature as a special guest in “Local Laughs Comedy’s first annual tour: laughing for peace in Memphis” on July 31st, 2016. This show was just the beginning of various opportunities life was going to shower Richardson with. He got to be part of multiple shows such as Mario’s comedy show, Karaoke Night, Owl comedy night, Annual Comedy Birthday Bash, wet Jerry stand-up comedy show, and many different shows at Dip N Dab. However, the opportunities didn’t end here. Due to his talent, commitment, and hard work, he eventually got his own show called “Montana’s Silly Saturdays” at Dip N Dab. Starting from January 11th, 2020, the show took place on every two Saturdays of each month, with each show being as hilarious as the last, and often having surprising celebrity appearances.


Moreover, alongside working on his comic career, Richardson also hosts Conscious Minds Radio at West Memphis’ very own internet radio station, where he promotes social agendas and entertainment within Arkansas as well as throughout the world. He has also introduced himself to the world of acting through his first featured film Out of Bounds. Richardson’s desire to constantly expand his horizons and dabble into new territories is what sets him apart from other comics and individuals. He constantly wants to learn, to engage, and to get better, which is why when he puts his mind into doing something, nothing can stop him.


The success that Richardson attained wasn’t through sheer luck. He is indubitably one of the most sedulous people who doesn’t have words like quitting or resting in his dictionary. To others what he does may seem easy, but in reality, it really isn’t. He has to spend hours trying to plan a fifteen-minute skit without knowing with ambiguity and uncertainty in their hearts, wondering whether it will make their audience laugh or not. As society evolves, so must his humor, especially in an age where many old, distasteful jokes aren’t accepted anymore. Meaning he was to constantly rework and rewrite his jokes. Yet, despite all such risks, all the hardships and struggles, he continues to thrive in the career he chose.


Demarco Montana Richardson is an inspiration to all who aspire to break the norms by choosing unconventional career paths. Through his hard work and the desire to do good in the world, he sets an example for all of us to follow – showing that we shouldn’t leave our destiny in the hands of luck. Rather, we should be diligent and grasp every opportunity that comes our way with both hands, and in doing so, ensure that we too are doing our part to make the world a better place.

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