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The world we live in today has remodeled to a great extent if compared to what it was 20 years ago. With the advancements in the technology sector, a lot of industries have adjusted to the latest outlook that promotes them to grow. A new occupation that made a hit on social sites is that of an influencer. Many people were found engaging in the idea that surrounded it and gradually the market grew as many youngsters’ attention got diverted towards this. Influencers have become the new face of the brands that pay them to promote their products. Through collaborations, these influencers form an interaction with the consumers and the brand can achieve its goal. 

Two such influencers/content creators based in the United Arab Emirates go by the name Humaid Hadban and Mohammed Hadban. Though, what makes the twins special is the fact that they are the first local emirates twins based in UAE.  The journey of recording ordinary lives into the camera dates back to when the twins were very young. Growing up in the Alain city, their mom bought them a camera and it was the time twins developed interest while exploring it. It started with clicking pictures of things around and steadily escalated to sharing them with the world. Through the support of their mom, the twins aimed high and aspired to share their story uniquely with the world. 

Alongside filming their lives, the 22-year-old twins currently are studying Mass Communication in the United Arab Emirates University. Humaid and Mohammad after getting into this field did plenty of work ranging from doing advertisements to modeling. Being just 22 years old, the twins gathered the courage to make content that people would enjoy. Initially, they faced problems such as less engagement of the people on their posts that resulted them in taking a huge break that lasted 3 years. On making a comeback, the twins received an immense amount of support and got recognized by the people. 

Since every influencer these days make frequent use of social media platforms to reach out to their followers, the twins are no less. They have a single account on various sites where they upload entertaining content. On TikTok, they go by the name @twinshadban and have a huge number of followers as high as 186.5k. Most of the videos on TikTok are trends that take over social media every week. Besides that, being good cooks they are occasionally found making videos of them teaching the followers their unique way of making a dish. On Instagram, the twins can be found at @twinshadban where mostly all the photography skills are displayed. Quite often on Instagram, the twins upload lifestyle inspiring stuff and fashion related posts. As fame grew for the twins and followers were getting increased they decided to create a channel on Youtube as well. Even though it was formed just 3 weeks ago, it has already gained a good number of 2.2k subscribers. People from different regions have requested them to be making vlogs in the future and have been supporting their journey in every step they take. 

Starting from the bottom and reaching this stage was one memorable journey. The twins used their content to make money as well as entertain simultaneously. Their success in the field can be measured by the fact that brands approach them to sign contracts to work with them in the future for which they get good pay. The twins through their experiences in the past live by one motto in life and that is to have faith in yourself. To reach for anything is always possible if you trust your abilities and use them profoundly. These young twins are a source of inspiration to many young kids who want to pursue their careers in content making.

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