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Every day hundreds of people race to start their businesses but only those who have never-ending persistence and determination finish the race. Sharron Elkabas is one of those people who has not only finished the race but also stayed one step ahead.


Sharron Elkabas is the co-founder and the CEO of MN2S, a leading global service provider and booking agency that manages and represents artists and labels from an eclectic array of genres. They have worked with almost every renowned person, from Bake Off star Ruby Bhogal and tennis ace Sir Andy Murray to Will Smith, DJ Yoda, queen of rap Nicki Minaj, and everyone that comes in between. While operating in over 100 countries, MN2S has secured its throne as the vanguard of the industry itself. All done by nurturing and guiding the fresh and remarkable talent to profitable opportunities all around the globe.

However, Elkabas’ journey of reaching the top wasn’t as comfortable as might seem. He was born into a mixed family having a Norwegian mother and an Israeli dad. He followed his dad’s footsteps into the trade of antiques in west London, selling all kinds of items, from fine arts to diamonds to dusty suits. However, his mundane life changed in 1995 when he, his brother David Elkabas, and friend Tim Burnett decided to organize their first club night in London. After receiving overwhelmingly positive responses after a few events, the trio realized something special was going on which was way beyond just throwing a party. They branded themselves as Milk ‘n’ 2 Sugars. As the trio was remarkably skilled at what they did, word got out, and The Cross in London, one of the top clubs at that time, gave them a residency in their club. Even though they got it for Fridays, at a time when clubs were all about Saturdays, they filled the entire club starting from the first day. It was mainly possible because Elkabas brought over in-demand DJs from Chicago and New York. Through their collective effort in conducting stellar events, he changed the whole system as Friday replaced Saturday to become the busiest night in London. The trio had an ethos of never booking the same artist twice and always having variety, this expanded their horizon to numerous underground DJs all around the globe. After seeing how other promoters from around the UK were asking them about their DJs, Elkabas convinced the rest to start an agency and represent some of their talented artists to a broader audience.

In 1998, the trio began their company with just 10 US DJs. However, luck was on their side as their phone started buzzing and their DJs began to get booked. Those phones have not stopped ringing ever since. After some years of just guiding DJs, they started working with singers as well. Since many singers would feature on their representing DJ’s records, they would request to be represented, and thus MN2S’s roster increased. This helped them take another step into the world of bands and live concerts. Their diversity sprouted in 2005 when they MN2S decided to go beyond the comfort of music and entered the realms of film, television sports industry.

Two decades later, because of Elkabas’ ambition, his company has evolved from a party on Friday night to a leading global industry. He never settles for a safe route by working with established and notable names; instead, he believes in taking risks. Ever since the beginning, he has always wanted to represent an artist he finds the spark in. Irrespective of their career journey- rookie or renowned- Elkabas looks at the talent they have, and if he sees it, he facilitates them. There is no doubt how his commitment to quality is what makes his company shine the brightest.

Music and entertainment industries are frantic and continuously changing, yet it has been twenty years since their company was established and continues to lead the rest. Needless to say, it is all because of Sharron. Because of his focus always being on staying ahead in the race, and keeping track of what is trending, he has been able to provide unmatched industry expertise. He always believed that “embracing challenges keeps things interesting. It would be a boring life if things always went well”. His ambition and devotion keep MN2S prospering as they opened another office in Miami, United States, and launched new PR and programming divisions.

When Sharron was asked that what makes one a good agent, he said,” I’m quite an advocate of a concept called “marginal gains,” which means taking smaller steps to achieve much larger ones.” His success in managing to go from organizing events to leading an entire company has made Elkabas look at success entirely differently. He is a keen follower of taking baby steps. He thinks one should make little effort each day, and before they know it, they would have covered the same amount of ground as if they had been taking big steps from the start. Most importantly, he believes you need passion to be a good agent. If you love what you are doing, you will keep doing it despite things getting hard, just like how the trio shared love for music, which led to their company coming into peaks and troughs, and you must be quite resilient. Great things happen every day, and it feels good when that’s happening; equally, you run into issues, and there are often problems. We say there’s no problem that can’t be solved, some being able to deal with those is always part and parcel.”

His story of hard work and struggle is a reminder for us to be extremely determined, as determination and perseverance are crucial to success. Just keep going and you will find a way to overcome all the hurdles and achieve your goals.

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