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103380082_264366741434915_9067291123654286634_nMitchy Katawazi is a famous songwriter and musician who lives in Germany. Since an early age, he has been broadcasted on television several times. He is also considered as the most successful live streamer on ‘You Now’ in Germany. He maintained his fame and image until he was in the spotlight on the show ‘The Voice of Germany’. André Katawazi, Mitchy’s brother also works with him releasing music and performing on fundraiser events handled by various notable newspapers. Mitchy has acquired a massive amount of support for his music online, and people are in love with his hip lovely music, and cover songs. Mitchy has worked hard to achieve success and a drastic increase in his fan following. People love his new approach to music and his soft but lively music that makes one feel at peace. His music has a balance between being upbeat and having emotional lyrics that can make your heart flutter with joy but also take you down a lane of memories.

Mitchy studied at The University of Göttingen, joining in 2014, and currently works with TUI Cruises – Mein Schiff as a singer. TUI cruises is a travel company that helps people create cruise ship vacations and trips while being accompanied by the best services. Singing is one of the services, and Mitchy travels all over the world experiencing new cultures and his career also gets a promotional boost. This music journey began at 15 when Mitchy started performing at podcasts and built a huge platform to display his music on YouNow. He was considered as the best and most successful live streamer and it was the highlight of his entrance into the world of publicity. The fame didn’t die there as Mitchy and his brother joined ‘The Voice of Germany’ and this embarked their musical career to a much wider range of audiences. The Katawazi brothers were the name they were both known by back in the day. They overwhelmed the judges on their very first song, and from then onwards progressed their skills from a singer to play the guitar and piano as well. Although the brothers did not win any position, instead they completely stole the heart of the show. They gained a lot of fanbase through this, and the show acted as a boost to their contacts with producers and other music makers. This show also highlighted the diversity of abilities Mitchy and his brother possessed which also increased people’s interest in their future careers.

Mitchy has an Instagram with over 40 thousand followers that have drastically grown over the years. His Instagram covers his music releases, new job updates, and his modeling pictures. He advertises and uses promotional collaborations to increase his consumers on Instagram. Many brands and other artists are eager to work with Mitchy due to his appealing pictures, and his unique way of marketing through Instagram. He also frequently updates on his traveling adventures and music covers. If you have any queries and want to visit his profile, then follow his Instagram through the username mitchykatawazi.

Mitchy has advanced towards funkier and soothing Electronic Dance Music. His new songs have beating rhythms, dancing vocals, and give off classic house vibes. His recent new release ‘Losing Control’ has gained a lot of appreciation that he created with his label Global Rock Star Music. His previous successful songs and new music releases are all available on his Spotify. Mitchy considers his Spotify to be the main platform where he markets his music. He has over a hundred thousand listeners now, and more to come due to his new brilliant songs.

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