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Mikael Rochman, a patriotic artist, Formerly known by his stage name Youngzion, younger brother of Rudy Rochman, an internationally known activist and public figure. Moved city to city, country to country but he always knew that as a Jew his true home was Israel. You can never feel the same as you feel at your home. The patriotic soul, Mikael, always dreamt of working for his nation. The love is beyond limits, which took him to IDF. When your dreams are high and you are truly dedicated to your passion, you impatiently wait for the right time to come and take the first step toward your goal. After completing high school, in 2018 he volunteered to draft in the IDF and served 2 years as a Paratrooper. Mikael set an example, he worked for both his love and passion together.  

The music reflects something profound about who we are and our experience of the world. Mikael used his passion and delivered his message in the best form. We need a moment to overcome our shyness and hesitation and pour our talent out of us. Young Zion found this moment when he went to Miami with his friend and they took him to the studio to see him record a track. He wrote a song on his phone and this extra studio time was a blessing, as he recorded for the first time there. “Zion” was his first song and has a special place.

He chose music as her weapon and used it to defend his country. Throughout his army service as a Paratrooper, he didn’t have enough time to focus on music but his spare time was surely dedicated to writing songs. A break of one month played an important part when he came to see his family in Los Angeles he recorded all of the songs which he had written and dropped a few of them as singles. He is now totally focusing on music as he is done with the army, and currently in Album Mode. His music is available in most of all the platforms like Deezer, Spotify and Apple music. Most of his music is kind of patriotic. He is a Hip Hop Artist with about 500k streams and 22k monthly listeners. Some of his top of the songs include, On the Scene, Heads Up, Reason, I do it, and many others. 

Mikael, born in Miami, to a family who had just immigrated from France and spent all his life moving between Miami, Palo Alto, Los Angeles, Singapore. Not even single land felt like his own, In France, he was an American, in America the French kid. It helped him to realize the perception of people about his identity depended on where he was but the thing which remained constant was that in every country he was Jewish. 

Jewish people were forcefully kicked out of Judea by the Roman colonizers and they have gone through all of the genocide and oppression but never gave up on their hopes and aspirations to make it back to Israel/Judea, and the high hopes of his ancestors are the reason why he never gave up. The goal he is working on is of its kind, empowering his people and bring them back where they belong so they can kick start the next phase which is “Tikun Olam”, healing of the world and bring peace and love to all people. His friend’s list also includes Daniel Skye and Deni Avdjia. For some more patriotic and inspiring views, follow _youngzion on Instagram and Young Zion Facebook page. 

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