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This article introduces you to a very talented and energetic person who’s name is Michael Garcia.

Michael Garcia is a multi-talented and multi-dimensional person who is a Video and Film Director. He has worked, hand in hand, with various talented recording artists such as B.o.B., T.I.P., Kodie Shane, Yung Booke, and Sky Sopranojust to name a few. And now he is ready to tackle bigger future projects. He started taking a keen interest in film directing and then on the suggestion of his friend namely Nasser he switched from editing AMVs to doing music videos. He has been intending and planning to focus on organizing production more. He has his trademarked company titled as XXIV. His company is currently focusing on creating music videos of high quality. He also has his YouTube channel with his company’s title which has 4.06k subscribers where he keeps uploading his directed and produced music videos. Additionally, he is the person who besides trusting his abilities believes in working and striving hard because he is conscious of the fact that in every sector no one can succeed without working day in and day out and there has been a cut-throat competition among various music and film directors in the film industry and those who keep trying their best can easily get to the pinnacle of their successful career. That’s why Michael Garcia has been burning the midnight oil to achieve his set goals. He even suggests others not to give up. His growing popularity in the industry is because he believes that the best learning experience in practice and that’s why he gets behind the lens and shoots as often as he can. He has been a renowned figure because of his sincere efforts, true commitment, dedication, and strong determination. 

In addition to this, Michael Garcia believes in being an optimistic and open-minded person who focuses on the positive aspects of life. He never likes being in the company of conservatives and pessimists because he abhors negativity in all its forms and does not lend his ear to negative views around him. He is conscious of the fact that negativity not only discourages people but also distracts them from their path to success and happiness. It even disturbs their peace of mind. Undoubtedly negative-minded people never attain success and happiness in their life because they are always lost in negative thinking. People who intend to stay focused on their career and achievements always need to think of positivity and that’s why Michael tries his best to surround himself with positivity and he always hopes for the best. 

Furthermore, unlike other Directors and Producers of the industry, Michael Garcia is very humble, kind, and polite in his dealings with others. His greatness makes him be a lovable and adorable person. He besides being social is very friendly who always wants to be surrounded by people and likes to interact with them. His lifestyle is very simple and impressive and this young, loving, and caring soul has a charming, attractive, and influencing personality. Additionally, he is fond of traveling and it is all because his profession requires him to create videos at different places in the world. That’s why he keeps traveling from one place to another and enjoys exploring the beauty of nature. 

Moreover, he is always busy in pursuing his passion and chasing his dreams. Despite being busy he has learned how to manage his persona, professional, and social life simultaneously. He is found active on social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram. Because of his strong social networking skills, he has a huge fan following and that can be known from the fact that he has garnered 15.5k followers on his Instagram account and hundreds of followers on his Facebook page. The circle of his fans and followers is swelling with each passing day. More can be learned about this highly talented figure if he is followed on his social media accounts; the links to which are given below. 





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