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From Autochrome and Kodachrome film to digital, since it’s popularization after the introduction of digital cameras in the 1990’s, photography as an art form has been a much-heated and talked about debate. And now widely accepted as a contemporary art form, it has become a creative outlet for many a youth of your generation, inspiring them to express their thoughts and feelings as they traverse their way to adulthood through a familiar yet untold lens. 

One such young and rising creative is Micah Stephen. A seventeen-year-old photographer, building his portfolio and documenting his artistic journey and growth on his Instagram (@ecerydaypiks). With an impressive following of over two thousand followers, Micah is slowly but surely making a name for himself in the industry as a prominent online influencer. 

The experience and craving of wanting to view the world through someone else’s eyes has been a concept as old as time and been reinvented time and time again, from cave painting to storytelling to drawings and sculpture making and again, through the modern introduction of cameras. Not only allowing you to experience what one feels during the moment itself but letting you fully immerse yourself in the experience; become a part of it. Similarly, Micah intends to hook the audience and submerge them into his own wondrous world.

With photos ranging from foodstagram pics and scenic views of nature and the city life to fantastical edits of cityscapes, amalgamating with the  natural world to create a stunning display of the mythical, Micah presents to his audience a utopian view of the world. Often lacking human interference, one tends to be more aptly able to appreciate the beauty of the landscape, the lack of a sole subject fully engaging one’s imagination.

However, Micah is hugely creative with the use of his page. Aiming to further his reach within the community, he utilizes his platform to host frequent giveaways, attracting more like-minded creatives onto his page by using Instagram’s algorithm to his full advantage. Wanting to avoid any chance of dud accounts under his name, popping up and stealing his hard built image and work and craving to stand out amongst competition and fakes, Micah is eager to recive verification on his Instagram page so that he is more recognizable as an influencer in his own right and as a promoter.

 Although an avid fan of photography in general, the young creative is eager to use his platform as a means to meet more like-minded creatives and to expand his services to promote various brands, already having found success in doing so via collaborations with various brands. In fact, according to Micah, one of the best parts of his jobs is that ever since he started is helping young businesses to grow alongside him. He tells us that young brands have often contacted him to help promote them by temporarily posting images he took of their products and arranging for sponsored giveaways, helping promote both his and their name at the same time.

The business aspect aside, Micah is not afraid to use his social media as a recreational pastime, posting memes, and engaging with his audience in fun and meaningful ways such as asking them their opinions or subjects as mundane as a “cats vs dogs” questionnaire to constructive criticisms about his work. Micah will often also post small videos for his followers to gain insight regarding into work process, a show of how he decides or happens upon his subject and shoots. Always wanting to lend a helping hand to fellow photographers, Micah does not shy away from giving shout outs to other young creatives in the field, directing his audience to pages that might grab their attention and perhaps even expand their intrigue with the art form itself. 

Still young and ever-improving his skills, Micah Stephan is on an upwards trend to gaining prominence as an artist and has no plans of stopping any time soon.

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