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Memes in Punjabi is a meme page featuring hilarious pictures and videos in Punjabi, the native language in Punjab, found in both India and Pakistan. The account has been up for almost two years now but has focused mainly the past year on building content for its users. The owner of the page is working hard every day to release new and original content for its followers.

The owner of the page and the content, who would prefer his identity to be unknown, has quite some experience in the video editing world. He has always been an enthusiastic individual with a creative mind. He wished to discover more from the world but also to contribute to it. Having been a studious child throughout his student life, he decided to go for a master’s in journalism and mass communications.

Over his time in university, he learned a lot under the guidance of many experts in the field. Not only that, but he also developed a close bond with many individuals there. These individuals became a group of close friends. Simultaneously, the owner of the future meme page was working on his video editing skills.

He enjoyed practicing and creating new random content for himself and his friends to watch. He was learning something new every single day. He was extremely excited to work on this skill. One day, he and his friends were sitting in university and were scrolling through Instagram when they came across a meme page. His friends thought this was something he could do and encouraged him to start his own such page and that is exactly what he did.

He began creating content of his own from funny pictures and videos from Bollywood movies and dramas. Slowly but surely, the page started gaining followers and fans who would visit the page often for new content. The owner has managed to garner over 133k followers purely through funny content. He makes sure to upload content every single day so that followers always have something to look forward to the next day.

The meme page is full of a large variety of content and styles of humor so that there is something for everyone. Usually, the video has been edited such that it stars someone from Bollywood, a scene from a movie or an ad, and it has been edited with other scenes to create funny content. Besides that, there is usually there is some trending music edited over the content.

Moreover, other content features American movies which are quite popular. The owner loves to edit over superhero movies such as Thor as it is quite fitting in the content and with the targeted audience. Additionally, the captions for the memes are also quite relatable as it touches on topics such as relationships or Indian stereotypes of girls and boys. Other topics discussed include stalling going to the gym or having a strong appetite in quarantine.

The owner of the pages hopes to inspire other memes and video creators to come out of their shell and try something new. With the age of technology and social media, everyone should take advantage of and create something for themselves. The owner hopes that others let their creativity flow to add to the Punjabi meme world on Instagram and YouTube.

Memes in Punjabi is certainly a highly successful page in India. With the dedication, creativity, and originality of the creator, the numbers are bound to increase. The owner of the page hopes that Memes in Punjabi will be the leading meme page in Punjab soon.

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