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Melanie Redd is a motivational speaker and published author based in the city of Memphis, Tennessee. Her website says that she is a “woman on a mission to offer hope” and this would be the perfect way to describe the unique and inspirational life that Melanie lives on a daily basis. With her husband of over twenty-nine years, Randy and her two children, Riley and Emily, she serves full-time in a Christian ministry and her main purpose is to offer hope, inspiration and support to as many people as she can and in as many ways as she can. To achieve this purpose, not only does she write blogs and has published books, but she also teaches Bible study in churches and is a professional speaker and mentor, holding multiple talks with women at different events and conferences around the country. 

Building a career around helping and motivating others is no easy feat, but Melanie seems to be doing quite well. This could also be because of the fact that she has always had the heart to inspire others, since she was a small child. In her interview, she talked about how when she was nine, she gathered all of her neighbor friends in her playroom and they all worked together to create a magazine. Even though it wasn’t a huge deal and only their parents bought copies, Melanie specifically remembers the process of working on something together and how much fun they had while doing it. Even later, when she was a teenager at youth camp, she felt the need to inspire and encourage others through both the spoken and written word, and would spend much of her time doing so. Thus, it’s evident that offering hope to others is something that Melanie is naturally equipped to do and also thoroughly enjoys doing. The fact that she chose this specific career path is no surprise.

Melanie has her own website:, where she regularly writes and posts articles on different topics such as marriage, family and parenting and Christian living. Many of her blog posts also act as a voice of hope and encouragement to those who might need it. To further utilize her gift of writing, Melanie has written and published six books, all of which are available on Amazon to purchase. According to her author’s bio, her passion is “to offer practical HOPE to her readers – encouragement with a large dose of common sense and a little humor.” Thus, it seems that Melanie writes in a very smart and compassionate manner and this is what makes her so popular amongst her audience. Her books have been very well received and all hold a five-star rating on Amazon, showing that they are greatly loved and cherished by her readers. The names of some of the books she has written are “Live in Light: 5-Minute Devotions for Teen Girls,” “Stepping Closer to the Savior” and “How to Win Your Child’s Heart for Life: 8 Proven Strategies for Parents.”

Melanie is also quite active on Instagram, under the username “melaniemredd.” She has an impressive following of more than twenty thousand people and has almost fifteen hundred posts. Thus, it clear that her message of hope is effective and is reaching and helping countless people. Her posts have a lot of variety, which seems to have made them even more popular. They include photos of her family, motivational phrases, and also videos of her in which she speaks and tries to inspire and encourage others through her words. Melanie has been active on Instagram for the past five years and feels that the platform has allowed her to reach even more people than before. She feels that getting a verification will help amplify her voice even more and thus more people will benefit from it. There seems to be no end to Melanie’s selflessness as she has dedicated her entire life to educating and encouraging other people and there is nothing more beautiful and inspiring than this. 

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