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Mehmet Mustafa Demir has a vast experience in the arts and has been part of the music and visual arts industry for the past thirteen years. He is based in Turkey and has his own music company, where he represents artists who make rap music. Some of his notable clients are rap artists Şehinşah and Hidra. He is also a member of the union of artists and professions. Over the years, he has gained much recognition and respect for his work and has been a part of over five hundred different festivals.

Mehmet chose his career because of his profound love for music. He first encountered rap music in 2002, nearly two decades ago, and he has been a fan since. As he worked tirelessly over the years, people began to recognize his talent and work ethic. He had the unique opportunity to work with quite a few people who he admired and looked up to. It was his passion for music that lead him to his current profession and today he helps other musicians launch their careers and make music.

When one works in the creative industry and works with other creatives, it is easy to burn out and get overwhelmed by the successful people around you. All artists, whether they be musicians, visual artists, or even photographers, often get stuck in a rut once they start comparing their work with other popular artists in their niche. To avoid this, Mehmet suggests that one should never get trapped in measuring up to someone else, rather everyone should work on finding and perfecting their unique style.

Everyone has untapped creativity inside them, hence it is important to experiment, and try out different styles that you admire. Trial and error, fusing things that work, discarding things that don’t, this is all part of the process when trying to find their unique voice or style. It is a slow process, that takes time and effort, one often faces failure, but we must not forget that the art we enjoy the most wasn’t created in a day but was created through many days of failure until the beauty surfaced. However, throughout this process, it is important to understand that one should remain true to themselves, and focus on creating art that you enjoy so that you are creating for yourself too and not just for others.

Mehmet is very active on social media and can be reached under @mirasmd on Instagram. He has more than three thousand followers on the platform and he can be found posting every often. He shares pictures of himself along with his friends, colleagues and he also posts tasteful behind the scenes pictures from the different festivals he is a part of. He keeps his followers up to date, often posting about his latest projects, collaborations, and ventures.

As his vast experience in his industry spans more than a decade, Mehmet has in-depth knowledge about his field and is the ideal person to guide budding musicians and fellow artists. He is extremely passionate about finding and honing new talent and this is the reason behind starting his music company. Being an artist manager, he can provide his clients with advice and examples from his own lived experiences in the community and shape them into successful artists.

Having been a part of the creative community for over thirteen years, Mehmet’s commitment and passion for his craft shine through. He has put in the blood, sweat, and tears to get where he is today. Having worked with amazing names and being involved in five hundred festivals, his expertise is truly unmatched. His hard work, dedication, and sheer brilliance can be easily seen in all the work that he has done, and I’m certain that we have even greater things to see from him very soon. Aspiring artists and musicians can follow him on Instagram under @mirasmd for updates on his new projects and organizations.

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