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Megan Elizabeth Schneider is a brilliant content writer, content manager, and an online reporter from Omaha, New Nebraska. She is a beautiful blogger that focuses on spreading information about fashion looks and lifestyle tips! She is a multi-talented woman with expertise in many things as she will give you top advice for your next thrift haul while simultaneously writing articles for a student newspaper. She stands as an inspiration for all the people out there who have their work and bills catching up, yet it does not stop them from looking their best every day.

Megan started working as a content writer before even graduating from the University of Nebraska at Omaha in 2019. She got her degree in Communication and was already working as the online reporter and content manager of her university’s newspaper called Gateway Student Newspaper. The articles also contain smart shopping strategies and links to apps and places that make buying easier. These articles reveal Megan’s passion for fashion and her interest in lifestyle and clothing choices. You can check out a lot of her articles in the following tag on the newspaper’s website.

Megan now works as a content strategist that writes various articles for the company Extra Space Storage. It’s a provider of self-storage supplies and also helps in moving and other services relating to storage. The company is four decades old, naming itself as the nation’s second-largest self-storage seller in the market. There are different types of articles on their website and social media pages that talk about home decoration, closet spaces, car garages, staging, and advice for selling homes. They provide international services and guidelines to help people better their homes. Megan writes for their website articles, mainly focusing on technical strategies involved in decoration, budgeting, and moving houses. 

Megan not only writes about how to declutter your room and reorganize it but also about fashion and lifestyle blogging. Her website has outfits that one can buy including fancy and affordable ones. These articles cater to all seasons, prices, and personal favorites. They consist of not just one sector but an expert opinion of various decisions of one’s life.

Meghan has many sections on her websites, such as travel updates, beauty advice, fitness, and reflections of her life. She is an all-rounder, a woman with diverse knowledge and great taste in knowing how to represent herself. 

Meghan has another blogging website as well. It links her to all her other social media accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest. The blog ‘Like to Know it’ speaks for itself; a timeline comprising all unique versions of outfits and clothes suited to different themes. It’s an insight into Meghan’s life and an artistic expression of feelings of an individual. You can always learn a lot about a person from the way they dress, and from Meghan’s blog and her gorgeous pictures on Instagram, anyone can confirm that she is a well organized, determined, and hardworking person who wants to inspire and guide others like herself. If you want to contact Meghan, you can visit her Instagram account through the username meganeschneider. Also, approach her blogging content at her website link below and take a chance to admire her beautiful feed.

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