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Maya Annette Goldstein is a Latin American singer and songwriter born in Miami, however coming from a nomadic family, she often moved around the world, country to country. Her passions came into being at just the tender age of four when she first got the opportunity to sing in front of an audience, from then on she has been experimenting and practicing, with various music styles and instruments. At seven, Maya and her family moved to Bogota, Columbia where she first attended school and got a chance to play a recorder and realized her talents with instruments. Soon she was singing with the school choir and was part of their dance team as well.

Things were going smoothly until Maya was sent to the US by her family due to increasingly tense situations in the former country they resided in. Not being familiar with English, it was hard communicating with people around her and hence was bullied due to her lack of expertise in the language. Maya even suffered from anorexia, trying to fit in with the beauty standards. However, despite all these struggles, she never gave up and continued pursuing her dreams. Her hard work helped her graduate with honors and she was nominated as a ‘Silver Knight’ at her high school. This helped Maya get into her dream program at the Miami Dade College where she was taught performing arts, singing, acting, and dancing.

Her battles, however, did not end here, Goldstein’s father got into a life-threatening accident that took years for him to recover from. In the meanwhile, Maya was working hard to support herself and her family. As a way to distract herself from her problems she started playing the guitar and was soon writing and composing music claiming it be her ‘escape from reality’. At 24, Gold stein was a single mother of two children, doing her best to survive in this harsh world. Finally, after years of rigorous pain and battles, she saw a ray of hope when she finally got an opportunity to record a few songs which she gladly took. From there on, things seemed brighter and her situation bettered.

Her first song was released in mid-June 2019 called ‘Si Tu Supieras’, which was able to garner a massive thirty-four thousand views on her YouTube channel and received positive reviews from fans. This encouraged Maya to release more music and is now pretty successful having thousands of views on each music video. Her most recent single called ‘Enviciao’ was released on May 8th, 2020 and in just a few months proved to be highly popular amongst people, having gathered around fifty-eight thousand views. Now at 35, Maya is juggling her professional and maternal life together successfully, working as a musician and accountant to make ends meet. She will appear on X Factor Columbia as soon as the current pandemic situation subsides and hopes to win the competition with the support of her family, friends, and fans.

The young mom is focusing on promoting herself these days by updating her Instagram (@mayagmusic) daily with her songwriting processes, behind the scenes of filming and her life experiences, etc. She has around twenty-five thousand supporters on her Instagram, who help motivate her to do better and put out music frequently. Maya also has a Twitter (@mayagmusica), Facebook (@mayagmusic), and YouTube (@Maya G) account where followers can access her various melodies and get daily updates on her life.

Maya Annette Goldstein is a role model for everyone around her, she overcame so many trials in her life and sacrificed a lot to get where she is now. The one thing that kept her going was her staunch belief in herself which she wants to instill in her fandom as well. Her dedication, commitment, and devotedness to her dreams helped her reach the place where she is now.

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