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Jean-Paul Friedrich Richter, a renowned German Romantic writer, said, “Music is the moonlight in the gloomy night of life.” It is inevitable for life to have dark moments. No matter how much one wants to run away from them, they are bound to happen. However, some elements act as stars that shine so brightly that they overcome all the darkness. For many people, music is that shining star—their Polaris, guiding them to the right path. There is no doubt in saying that music saved many people and some survivors want to return the favor by saving others through music as well. One such individual is Markuan Bacon, a rising singer, and songwriter.

Saying Markuan had a tough childhood is an underestimation because he grew up on the streets with no roof over his head. Since a young age, he has been burning the candle at both ends to make it through each day. Living like this was one of his weakest moments where he felt he had no one to lean on and no place to go. However, he found shelter under the name of music, a place where he felt less lament and less lonely. Music gave him a home that granted him a reason to keep trying and surviving.

Fortunately, because of music, Markuan didn’t lose hope and kept working hard. One day all of his struggles and the seeds of hard work that he sowed finally reaped into a roof over his head. This achievement holds a special corner in his heart that nothing could ever replace as he didn’t find shelter only for himself, but also his grandfather and one-year-old son. It also acts as a physical proof to Markuan that his assiduous efforts have indeed paid off. This moment led him to make a crucial decision that would change his life completely in the coming course of events —choosing music as his career.

Markuan has been creating music since he can remember. Dreaming to one day bestow the world with good music and entertainment along with showing them a side of the music realm that people often do not disclose: how to engineer good music. Even though most of his dreams are related to music, but one of them begs to differ. He dreams to be an inspiration for others so that they can conquer everything despite having all cards stacked up against them. Just like Markuan did when he took the driving seat when his life was heading a dead end and changed its route to a flowery path.

His relentless hard work and grind led him to officially release many self-made singles under his stage name, CTA Kuanny. Releasing his music to the public audience, brought him a tremendous amount of success. He started doing plenty of shows where he met a lot of artists, promoters, and music labels, which helped him strengthen his contacts. Even after receiving the quite success, Markuan never let his efforts get lesser than before. Due to his never quitting mindset, the doors of opportunities never closed on him; he kept getting offers, each better than the last one. Every artist dreams about getting recognized by their idols. This dream became Markuan’s reality when he got to work with YFN LUCCI, a renowned American rapper, singer, and songwriter. This opportunity made him realize that what he does is something unique and magical. It also engraved a phrase in his mind that said ‘stay focus and keep working on your craft. No matter what life throws at you.’

However, life is like a moon. One day it is full, and another day it is barely there. While Markuan had wonderful experiences during his music journey, he also had some difficult ones. One of them being his situation at home. Since he has a one-year-old son and a very elderly grandfather living with him, it got burdensome to balance creating music and taking care of these two. There were times when it would get unbearable for him. Despite suffering through depression because of this situation, he learned a way to balance it all. He metamorphosed this sense of duty towards his loved one to an everlasting motivation to make it big and giving them a better life than the one he had.

To have transparency between him and his fans, he is very active on his Instagram @cashtalkkuan and Twitter @CTA_Kuanny. On both of his social media, he continually posts updates about anything he is working on and gives a scoop in his personal life by posting adorable photos of his son.

Markuan Bacon breathed the phrase “you are the writer of your own destiny’’ into existence. He went from being a boy who had no place to call his home to be many people’s safe haven. One of his dreams was to be an inspiration to others, and today he can proudly tell the world that it came true.

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