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Marc Jackson is a successful basketball player turned basketball leader and analyst. He is a former NBA player. He has been in this particular sport for many years now and learned a lot in his time. Now, he is using everything he learned to pass onto the younger generation to help them grow. He is also an NBA analyst on NBC and an NCAA color analyst with CBS – two very popular sports channels.

Marc was always somewhat of a sporty child. He enjoyed playing outside with his friends, learning about different games to play. As he got slightly older, he started to figure out where his talent lies. He began exploring different sports a bit more seriously and discovered he had a huge interest in basketball. Not only that, but he was also incredibly talented. Throughout his school life, he would be found playing basketball with his friends, practicing, and getting better with time.

When he got to high school, he joined the basketball team. Marc was and still is an extremely hardworking individual who wished to perfect his craft. His coach recognized this and gave Marc enough support to grow into a leader who took the team to the Catholic League Championship and Alhambra Catholic Invitational Tournament. When Marc went to college, he joined and led the team there too. People admired his work ethic and talent. He led his team for two seasons, advancing through tournaments.

At this point, Marc was taking basketball very seriously. He knew that he wished to pursue it as a career for the future. He began looking for opportunities with the NBA – one of the most reputable basketball leagues in the world. Finally, Marc was drafted by the Golden State Warriors in 1997. He spent many years in the NBA working with many different teams and was a very successful player. Aspiring athletes looked up to him for inspiration.

Marc learned a lot in his time playing. He had met so many other athletes and celebrities and worked with so many other people. Not only that, but he had won many matches and brought victory to his teams. Marc went on playing till 2010 when he decided to retire from playing and start new ventures.

Currently, the successful athlete has over 20k followers on Instagram alone. He is also very active on other social media platforms such as Twitter where he has over 2k followers. Marc makes sure to upload content very regularly to stay in touch with his followers. His content includes a variety of his latest projects. He makes sure to show off some of his successes to his followers in the hopes to encourage them to strive for more.


Marc is working on a few different projects currently. He is working as an NBA Analyst for NBC Sport and an NCAA Analyst on CBS Sportsnet. Both are highly reputable sports channels. During his time working with them, he has encountered many other people in the industry who respect him for how well he played before. He is enjoying his time there.

Additionally, Marc also runs his basketball organization – Jacko 25 LLC – to teach the younger generation his knowledge of the sport. He is working round the clock to guide and shape the future of teams of young children. These kids get the honor of working with such a talented basketball player as their mentor. He teaches them not only how to perfect their basketball skills but also important life lessons. He tells them how to stay humble whether they win or lose. Parents are very happy to have their children be working with Marc.

Overall, Marc has built a name for himself over the past many years. He is respected and well-known in the industry. He is extremely hardworking and talented and is a kindhearted individual. He is happy to be leading a team of upcoming basketball superstars.

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