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Maité González Pistiner is a notable journalist who has appeared on multiple channels and belongs to Buenos Aires, Argentina. She is working as a television host for one of the central television networks in her country; America TV. Her show is called ‘informados de todo’. and comprises giving daily news to people. Her show focuses mainly on digital and social media news, and she is also the main host of all American TV’s social media accounts. At the age of 28, she has accomplished very much including appearing on many international shows, collaborating with international brands, and producing sponsored content on her private Instagram account. Her vast expertise in hosting and dramatic arts allows her to work efficiently in production, writing, hosting, and management. She is an all-rounder journalist who has several skills and the looks of a gorgeous model too.

Maite Pistiner’s long career journey began with her dream; wanting to become a successful journalist. She studied in the Stella Adler Academy in Los Angeles, CA, with a scholarship from American director Milton Justice. She took the course of Conservatory of Dramatic Arts and also did her bachelor’s degree in communication. Her strong educational background enabled Maite to start her career in the media and work efficiently until she gained a respectable reputation and employment in the largest networks in Argentina.​

In 2015, Maite conducted a program called ‘Common Denominator’ which was the winner of the FUND TV awards as the best youth program in Argentina. She was responsible for the entire project, as she came up with the idea, wrote the scripts, and took part in the whole process of production. In this show, famous artists, entrepreneurs, and amazing athletics were invited as guests. They were interviewed and many discussions were held to come up with a conclusion of the common denominator in the lives of people who become successful and are able to make their dreams a reality. This show had ten episodes that were aired on the City Channel every week. In 2016, Maite moved on to a job as a columnist and notera on Cuatro Cara Bonitas. Furthermore, she also launched her first magazine business of the Canal De La Cuidad. The same year, she got an offer to be the host at UNO; a digital platform of America TV that aimed their target audience as Millennials. She was the cover image of the show, and began producing, making reports, interviews, and operating coverage. Soon, Maite started working at all American TV’s social accounts that boosted the diversity of her career as a journalist.

 In digital media, the competition is very tough and it’s a struggle to get on the top, yet Maite pulled through all obstacles in her path and joined as a host on America TV that changed her career completely. Now she gets multiple messages from brands and people daily who entrust her with the job of managing their accounts. She uses her brilliant storytelling and communication skills to spread their message and market them. She is also an advisor for many people who look up to her and consistently ask her opinions on work management. She produces original and high graded content for the people who collaborate with her, and her work consists of providing digital consultations, workshops, and strategies to public figures and brands that want excellent results with their marketing. Some of the brands she has worked with are  Oreo (Mondelez Argentina),  Mercado Libre, Pepsico, Sprite,  Natura,  Netflix Argentina, Piccadely Club La Nación,  AIMÉ Vinos (Ruca Malen), and Lidherma. Clients who desire a maximum output on their social media and want to generate a bigger audience look up to Maite for meetings, as she is considered the best in her circle.

Maite has a huge following on all her social media accounts. Her Instagram has over 114 thousand people who watch her news, plus read her write-ups. She updates about all the latest news circulating on the internet and celebrity gossips. Her feed has abundant clips of her show, and information about the recent viral topics on the internet. You can follow her on Facebook and Instagram both through the username maipistiner. She also has a YouTube channel that has many interesting videos uploaded. She has over 1.57 thousand subscribers on YouTube and you can become one too by following the link down below.

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