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In the last couple of centuries, the world has changed in ways no one would have ever imagined. Revolutions took place to modernize the world and everything humans knew took on a different image. This new image was a new and improved version of everything the world was used to and familiar with, such as the telegram becoming a telephone, transportation becoming easier and faster with the world switching to the use of train tracks instead of on horse-back and other means. This worldwide change is that archaic means of life were slowly being forgotten, with the new and improved means of life taking over and improving the standard of living for a lot of nations.

What we can probably understand by these revolutionary changes in the 21st century is that the world shifted from an uncomfortable and slow lifestyle to one that was more comfortable and convenient. The time it took to carry out a minor task was shortened by hours, days, or sometimes even weeks depending on what it was. It got the world to a point where life had made a complete 180-degree change for the better in terms of convenience and ease of tasks. We can understand it better than the people of the 20th century because, in the last few decades, the same changes that would have been considered unimaginable have become a reality. 

Today, sending a letter can be done instantly with the internet as the practice of handwriting a letter, sealing it with an envelope and a stamp, and then posting it at the postal office has become an almost antiquated way of life. Convenience and comfort have become standard. Everything can be done from the comfort of one’s own home. This particular trend has allowed for things like online shopping, online malls, and plenty of other online services to boom in a few years. 

One such online shop is Maimai Mall (@mmml_jp on Instagram) that has its office in Tokyo but operates in Japan on a nationwide level. Although at first glance, one would think they are the same as any other online shopping mall, that is certainly not the case. Starting operations in 2016, Maimai Mall has been successful in delivering the best quality when it comes to their items, delivery, and customer service with associations with over 150 shops and brands. Although the services are delivered within Japan, items put on sale can be from all over the world, giving Japanese buyers the chance to obtain things that otherwise are not available in Japan. Not only does this make shopping at Maimai Mall more diverse, but it also allows sellers from all around the globe to get their items recognized and spread across Japan, a country that already excels at producing electronics of all kinds. 


Maimai Mall offers gadgets and items of any type one could think of. Anything from phone accessories, fashion items like jewelry, clothes, or even watches, fitness items, car parts, and even home appliances can be bought at Maimai Mall. It also has a supported Blog where reviews and comparisons between products are posted so buyers can be updated about any information relevant to their shopping experience. Maimai Mall also offers a unique service where a referral can allow an individual to earn up to 2% of the commission from a sale if their reference link has been used by a buyer. 

Such stores have made life even easier for individuals all over the world. The hassle to commute to a store to buy an item has been replaced by clicking on it on any available shop and having it delivered to your home with little to no effort required from the buyer’s side. Like any other shopping brand, Maimai Mall has been on the road to expansion through their blog, their Instagram (@mmml_jp), and social media influencers. Be sure to follow them on Instagram for the best deals on daily necessities if you are based in Japan! 

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