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The youth today is relatively expressive than the youth yesterday and aspires to choose careers that are diverse and viewed as relatively unconventional to the world. Although the education system has not quite yet adjusted to the promotion of unusual careers, the youth has however seen it all and is smart enough to choose a career that is driven through their passion solely. Rappers are one of such artists who have been under the period of struggle and have been found striving their way up through the years. They are often not promoted and are always slipped under a rug when compared to a singer who doesn’t rap. But as the world is evolving, many such careers are seen to be developing and bringing out some of the most recognizable personalities.


Louis Philippe Rudin, better known by the name LRX is one such rapper on the list of becoming a hit. Born on May 31, 1999, Louis has always been super engrossed in music all his childhood. When he got hands-on his very first iPod at the age of fourteen, rap took over his heart immediately from then onwards. Being extremely passionate and connected to rap music, Louis started with freestyling. He would practice, create, and indulge completely into this hobby and would spend most of his time dedicated to rapping sessions. His dream since childhood was to become a thriving rapper someday and to please people through his pieces.

Louis firmly believes that to become a rapper one does not require investing money into musical instruments as such because lyrics are the heart of rap and that is all needed to produce a pleasant rap.  So far, in his career, Louis has managed to release four songs in total. His first song, ‘LRX Tatsachez’ was composed and released in the year 2019, and since then Louis has been working with his team to produce more for the people looking forward to his music. On Youtube, he has secured a very high number of views in just a year reaching over 101k. Currently, Louis has been in a contract with an international production studio by the name Glowsound Production and is working hard on releasing a brand new song in August 2020. Along with this new song known as ‘LRX Melodie’, Louis is planning to release it with the official music video as well as a treat to his listeners.

With being aware of the struggles that come along in one’s way irrespective of their career choices, Louis is found strategizing everything before-hand. Louis plans on making marketing strategies as such to get the desired number of views on his releases. This way, he attains his goal and people get insights into his formulations too. He also has an official account on Instagram by the name @lrxofficial where he uploads pictures and events from his life to keep the fans updated.

Louis’s journey has completed one year so far. In this immensely short period, he has managed to get out of the box and create music admirable to all.  It is a moment of pride to have been rewarded with so much appreciation across the world and getting love from the fans. Belonging to a normal background, Louis proved himself to the world by staying firm to his passion and never giving up at any stage. He is a fighter who is always hustling for more. His advice to the people with passion is to never give up and be true to the career they are pursuing. He also advises to never forget people who supported and loved you at all times. One does not need to run after likes and followers because the right and genuine love will come your way if you are highly invested and dedicated to your work.

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