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“Failure is not falling; failure is staying down when you have the choice to get back up.”

No matter how much we try to run away from it, failure is an inevitable part of our lives. If we do not fail, we will never learn how to pick ourselves back up again and be stronger than before. Many renowned people have faced defeat while fighting their own battles. However, the reason we know their name today is that they didn’t accept their failure and kept going back into the battle zone until they conquered it in the end. One such individual is Loren Todd Christian Curry.

Loren Todd grew up in Titusville, Florida. Ever since he was a little kid, football was his entire life. He was extremely fascinated solely by this sport. It was inevitable that while growing up he wanted to be nothing but a football player. Therefore, he put his entire heart and soul into getting accepted at ‘’The National Football League.’’ However, destiny had other plans for him, and his fantasy was abbreviated when his colleagues asked him to return to his home due to some issues. When Loren saw his dream crumble right in front of his eyes, he couldn’t bear this loss and fell into severe depression. However, in this most vulnerable time of his life, he found himself seeking music’s help by writing lyrics. It was as if his broken heart healed when music embraced him in its arms. This moment was when Loren Todd discovered his new dream: Music.

Loren began recording songs for fun, but what he created was far more significant than something that could remain a hobby. Whenever anyone heard his music, they only had one question for him: “Why aren’t you doing this professionally?” All these compliments and advice helped him rebuild his confidence.  Thus, he decided to be courageous and chase his new dream because deep down even he believed that what he made was unique and magical.

Ever since then, Loren has been creating phenomenal music, each track better than the last. He is continually climbing the ladder to become the best artist that has ever lived. Because of his immense talent, he is compared to Kendrick Lamar & J.Cole, and soon enough, new artists would be compared to him. There is no doubt in admitting that Loren is the most exceptional and versatile rising artist. His expertise has many layers from spitting sturdy bars to having the most angelic and melodious voice that could make you tear up. Not to mention his talent for writing lyrics, which can make the listener feel those emotions that they haven’t even experienced yet.

It has been a year since Loren Todd discovered the music industry. Being in this realm for this long, he has many memories that hold a special place in his heart, but one tops them all. It is when Loren joined a music competition which had a grand prize of ten thousand dollars. Despite having little to no self-belief, he signed up thinking it would help him practice more. But once he ended his performance, he opened his eyes to everyone giving him a standing ovation for his exceptional lyrics. Indubitably, he also won that competition. This memory has a special place in his heart because it gives him a hand to stand up when he was knocked down by his previous failure. This win made him go back into the match which Loren thought he had lost.

To make his music accessible to more listeners, he has been using many different platforms such as Spotify, iTunes, and SoundCloud, etc. He also updates his fans about new releases on his official Instagram account @lorenntodd. His Instagram currently has almost twelve thousand and five hundred followers. This number keeps on increasing due to Loren’s unique and powerful music.

Loren Todd’s story is living proof of why we shouldn’t give up even after failing many times. If he had accepted this first defeat and stayed on the ground, there would have never been an artist called Loren Todd who’d save many souls through his music.

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