Lívia Dumont (@dliviaa)


Livia Viktoria Vitor Dumont is a Brazilian model who has been featured in many magazines and music videos. She is popularly known as “Livia Dumont”. She is emerging as a major talent in the world of modeling. So far, she has already done a Harper’s Bazaar Arabia cover, a Samsung commercial, and multiple music videos. Her unique talent and beauty have made her a good fit for the modeling industry. 

Her journey into the world of modeling started at a very young age. She realized very early on that she wanted to become a model and when she was 14 an opportunity presented itself. An agency in Brazil approached her and offered her a modeling contract. The contract was international as they also sent her to India. This opportunity allowed Livia to enter the world of modeling and also gain international exposure. This proved that her beauty and radiance was appreciated all over the world and that she has the potential to become a top international model. 

As a model, she has had many exciting experiences. Her first job for Samsung India was very intense and she also learned a lot. She was flown out to Ukraine, which was a completely new country to her and she was also more confused because she did not speak any English at the time. However, the trip proved to be a great experience. She had to model wearing summer clothes when it was winter and very cold. However, she was getting to pursue her passion which made everything worth it. She also learned how difficult and challenging modeling can truly be and how she must be willing to take up the responsibilities if she wanted to succeed in the modeling industry. 


She recently featured in Akull’s video for the song “Bahana”. She plays the role of Akull’s love interest in the video. The video shows them in a long-distance relationship where Akull is missing Livia’s presence. The song was released on 23rd July 2020, and in just a few days it has garnered over 14 million views on YouTube. Livia’s presence in the video elevates the message of Akull’s song and gives the video its uniqueness. In today’s day and age, social media has become an important tool through which people can build their brand and promote their work. Livia understands how useful social media can be and has done her best to build a prominent online presence. She can be found on Instagram as @dliviaa and gas amassed almost 29 thousand followers. She uses Instagram as a platform to share her work and pictures of herself. Instagram is an especially useful platform for models as it allows them to make an online portfolio of sorts. 

Her recent Instagram posts are about the Akull “Bahana” video and she describes the video as “The story of two souls, separated by distance but united by love!” She has also shared pictures from her Harper’s Bazaar Arabia photoshoot. She was featured on the cover with a picture of her wearing a mask. She has also shared pictures from other photoshoots with brands and magazines. Oftentimes she posts selfies where she can be seen having fun and relaxing. She looks very glamorous and stylish in all her pictures as she is a professional model.

Livia is an extremely talented and beautiful individual. Her radiance and glamor is the highlight of every photoshoot and project she is in. She has already been a part of many international projects and has even been featured on top magazines such as Harper’s Bazaar. She also hasn’t restricted herself to simply modeling and has acted in music videos. Her recent video with Akull has received millions of views on YouTube. She also frequently shares her pictures on Instagram so her followers can stay updated with her work. Her unique beauty and talent will surely take her far in the world of modeling.

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