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Life Essentials Skincare is a skincare and cosmetic household company based in the US. They have been functional for quite some years now and are run by two families from home. Their purpose is to provide organic skincare solutions and make them available at affordable prices. They have spent the past few years growing their business and are doing quite well.

Life Essentials Skincare was founded by two families who live in Pacific Northwest. They felt like there was a gap in the skincare market. There did not seem to exist a skincare line that was pure and fresh. Both families value a healthy lifestyle from what they eat to what they put on their skin. Homemade remedies are the best form of skincare that one could have. They had an urge to help others and themselves.

To overcome this hurdle the families decided it would be best if they launch their own skincare line – something that was suited to their needs and everyone else’s. Through much trial and error, they eventually formulated the perfect first product which was Vitamin C Anti-Aging Serum launched through Amazon. This turned out to be a huge success, they were receiving wonderful reviews. It was truly the beginning of a wonderful journey.

Soon after that, the line launched their Eye Cream and Moisturizer of which both did well. The skincare line was expanding and growing rapidly. People loved their organic solutions and their customer service – something the two families were sure to get a hold on. Moreover, people were enjoying the variety of products coming their way.

Since then, the company has released many more products. There are more serums, creams, toners, and so on. Within these products, there are many more categories such as repair skin, cell renewal, hydration, and much more. Their products range from $5 to $30. This ensures that their products are reaching a wide variety of people. They also offer a ‘kits’ package where one may pick up a collection of different products at a cheaper price.

Life Essentials Skincare honors their values and beliefs. Not only do they make sure to provide excellent customer service, but they also make sure their products are vegan and cruelty-free. They are strong supporters of animal rights and believe in freedom for all. These are the values of the family that they lead their lives with and wish to spread it to others. Many of their customers and followers appreciate this about the brand.

Currently, the successful skincare line has over 4.8k followers on Instagram alone. They are also active on other platforms such as LinkedIn. Additionally, they run a successful website that is constantly being updated to provide the latest updates on their business. The company makes sure to uploads a wide variety of content very regularly to keep its followers engaged.


Life Essentials Skincare’s Instagram page is very vibrant and full of life. They have displayed and promoted their products in a very beautiful and delicate way. 

Additionally, Instagram is used for more than just promotional purposes. The point of their products is to help further one’s interest in having a healthy life and so, they encourage their followers to add this to their daily routine. Life Essentials Skincare promotes yoga and relaxing as they acknowledge the stress and anxiety that comes in daily life. They have also given small tips and words of wisdom on how one should work on themselves and their skin.  

Life Essentials Skincare company is certainly on the path to great success. The two families are determined and hardworking people with a clear vision and goal in their minds. In the future, they hope to become a leading skincare brand in the world.

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