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Leah Israel is a popular Youtuber and social media influencer born in Florida, raised in New Orleans, and now living in Atlanta. She is a gorgeous music artist who has gained fans all over the world. She goes by the name Princess Layah, a very accurate stage name that summarizes Leah’s charming personality and attractiveness. She has two YouTube channels, one by her stage name and the other ‘Princess & Phlo’ that revolves around her life with her partner. Leah has a growing career, and her social media presence rises every day. She is a lovely, funny, and beautiful woman who knows how to promote, sing, and has a lot of respect in the blogging community. Her determination to become better and display her talents set her to a bright future ahead in life.

Leah began her journey by becoming a promoter and blogger on Instagram. Her aesthetic feed and fashionable style of presenting herself fascinated many eyes towards working with her. Leah instantly got many clients and brands working with her and this served as a pathway for her into the blogging business. Her Instagram has over 14.6 thousand followers, that are constantly updated on her work and daily life. She has plenty of brand collaborations on her Instagram with makeup, skincare, and clothing companies. If you are curious about her life and want to follow her, then use the username iamprincesslayah, and invest yourself to enjoy her content.

Leah also has another Instagram with her partner by the username princessandphlo. This is a joint account to celebrate and represent their Youtube channel and life together. Leah’s partner D Phlo also is a blogger, entertainer, and notable recording artist. They both take pride in being a prominent loving interracial couple that has the same goals, objectives, and dreams in life. They are the ideal couple that everyone visualizes about, and looks up for advice and inspiration. They have evolved together, know each other’s worth, and value the unique bond and connection they share. Many people follow D Phlo and Leah as they seek to establish and maintain a similar bond with their partners in their lives. A successful relationship is hard to maintain, however, Leah and D Phlo always stand strong during every single obstacle they face in life. The joint Instagram princessandphlo has over 6 thousand followers and is acknowledged by other Instagram stars such as Jalyn Micheal and Nyyear Price.

Leah has a noticeable Youtube career, including two channels that are arising steadily with each passing day. The channel Princess Layah; is uploaded with videos every other week to entertain people. Leah joined Youtube on April 23, 2012, and has over 1,027,006 views. You can find videos of makeup tutorials, product reviews, product hauls, fitness routines, daily regimens, and frequent giveaways on her channel. She takes business offers and can be contacted through her social media for more brand collaborations or product endorsements. Leah’s channel is proof of her love for travel, beauty, fashion, and food blogging, She is a mother to two adorable children and sometimes uploads about them to give parenting tips and advice.

Leah’s joint Youtube channel started on July 16, 2019. The channel has now 1,168,777 views in such a short amount of time! The couple post videos almost every day regarding pranks, funny challenges, daily vlogs, and relationship advice. If you are looking for wholesome and engaging content, then do check out the link below!

Leah is a remarkable woman and an inspirational social media influencer. She has released albums and songs that have received appreciation due to her gifted vocals. Her song single ‘Put vIt Down On You’ ft. Lil Zane has been performed more than 7,000 times at various radio stations both in the United States and the United Kingdom, further in trendy clubs in Atlanta as well. Her expertise and skills will take her more in her journey as a Youtuber, singer, and influencer. She is ideal for all working mothers who have a passion for achieving their career-driven goals while handling children at home too. Leah is not only a brilliant and beautiful mother but a hardworking individual that has made amazing accomplishments in life, and more to come.

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