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Music is something that is heard all across the world. People listen to music to escape the real world.  Music is not only pleasing to the ears but many songs contain very deep and sentimental lyrics. Other songs have fun lyrics that many people could relate to. Behind all these lyrics, there are many talented lyricists who pour their heart and soul into these songs. Such people have a way with words and they develop lyrics that best suit a certain type of music. Lyricists keep the genre, theme, length, and rhythm of the music in their minds when they generate lyrics. It’s a lyricist’s job to make the song memorable. Their words attract the attention of the listener. Kristopher Lewis is one such lyricist who has made a name for himself in the music world. With his words and songs, he has taken over many hearts. He has fans all over the world who listen to his music and relate to it.

Kristopher was born in Harlem, New York but was he was raised most of his life on the West side of Orlando, Florida. This 28-year-old lyricist has always had a passion for music since his early childhood. It started from his trouble-free elementary days up to the memories of his erratic high school days. Kristopher was some-what stuck with the reputation as the kid that can rap. He was good at coming up with lyrics and rapping them. People always praised him for this talent until they finally encouraged him to pursue music professionally. Kristopher knew that he was talented and soon after some time he started gaining recognition for his talent. This up-and-coming artist proved himself locally and on the World Wide Web.

Kristopher has collaborated with many different artists, including the world-famous DJ Smallz. He also, once, collaborated with the rapper Preacher. Working with such artists was an honor for Kristopher as he got to learn so much along the way. He also released a solo mixtape in 2012. The tape was called “Mr. YeenKno?” and was very successful among his fans. Currently,  Kristopher is busy working in the studios for his new EP. His EP called “The Underdog ” will be released very soon.

Despite all the fame, Kristopher has always remained humble. He often finds it flattering that people sing along to his lyrics, word for word. He loves lyrics and wordplay. And to write his own lyrics is the biggest honor. Kristopher also feels very good when his fans find him in stores and ask him to take a picture with them. He believes that it’s refreshing when he gets to meet all these new people. Kristopher has also always been grateful for his fans and everything that he has achieved so far. He thanks them all by stating, “Thanks to everyone who supported me and played a part in my success and grind. This is only the beginning and we still have a lot of work to do.”

Kristopher shows a promising future with his music. He is also pretty active on social media, especially on Instagram. When he is not promoting his own music, he posts video snippets of himself in the studio. With such videos, he shows his fans how much work goes into writing songs and creating music. He also posts pictures from his personal life. For more information, people can follow him on Instagram at @nerdtraxx.

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