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There comes a time in a person’s life that completely molds them into a different person. It changes them for good. Whether it is another person that causes this change for them or a traumatic incident; but whatever the reason might be it makes them ponder over the fact that how lucky they are to be breathing right now. Something like this happened to Kieren Hamilton and because of that, he is now taking every opportunity in life to grow and become a better person.

One night, while sleeping in his bed in Manchester, Kieren woke up with strange noises coming from downstairs. He first thought it was his bulldogs that often play around the house in the middle of the night but when he heard closely he soon realized they were footsteps. Before he could take any action two armed men were pointing their weapons at him. They got so impatient while demanding for money that they stabbed Kieren and left him wounded on the floor. Ever since this life-altering incident took place, it changed Kieren’s perspective on life. 


Before this incident, Kieren was a cryptocurrency trader living in a council state Hattersley and did not have much money in his account. He was struggling with money but he did not give up. He started to save money and soon he had enough money to spend on himself and to start investing it for the future. He started to invest in properties and is now a successful Foreign exchange trader. He is known as a self-made millionaire who is living a life not all 22-year-old can live. However, it was not always like this for him. His consistency and hard work got him to where he is now. Growing up he went through extreme financial problems. He had to face many hurdles to get to where he is now. From cleaning toilets at McDonald’s to becoming a millionaire, he had to sacrifice yet he never let himself lose his focus on his targeted goal.

Being in his early 20s and accomplishing so much Kieren was not aware of the fact that there are some envious people out there that might harm him for money. When his career skyrocketed he used to post about him enjoying life on his Instagram page @whosthatguru. But ever since he got robbed he realized that it is better to only show limited things on social media. He started to post less about materialistic things and more about his family. His Instagram is filled with lively photos of him and his family enjoying their lives to the fullest. It shows how Kieren is a caring father and a lovely person. Furthermore, he also has a YouTube channel by the name he is known for that is whosthatguru. 

Getting to experience so many things from an early age turned Kieren into the mature person he is today. Losing things and money made him realize how important family’s love and support is. It makes a person want to do better. His determination to provide a secure and safe future for his family got him to become this successful. Among many other things, there is one thing people who are struggling in their lives can learn from him and that is to never lose hope. No matter how many times life is cruel it is important to stay motivated. Kieren motivates youngsters to stay true to their goals and work hard to achieve them no matter what the circumstances. Being determinant and consistent in accomplishing a goal can get a person to reach his desired place.

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