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Some life experiences often help drive someone towards wanting to pursue something or accomplishing a certain goal. The circumstances of one’s birth or childhood can sometimes define how they live the rest of their life and what influences their past has on every decision they make in the future. Depending on whether it is negative or positive, they ultimately play a crucial role in the development of an individual, be it their personality, the way they deal with others, the way they tackle certain scenarios, even the way they look at the world. Some people, however, can use a negative and painful past as fuel to improve their future to prevent them from seeing the pains of their previous lifestyle. This makes people stronger, heightens their problem-solving capabilities, changes their perception of the world and the people around them, and motivates them so they never fall into that kind of situation again. 

Kevin Jerome is an example of such kinds of people. He used the aforementioned situations to change his life for the better, and help those around him to do the same. Not only was he motivated by his past circumstances, but he embraced them and made himself stronger. 

Originally from Haiti, which is a small country located in the Caribbean, Kevin and his family moved to Queens, New York. His family was extremely poor, with little means to provide for themselves, resulting in them moving into an apartment with only 2 bedrooms, but 14 people living in it. Having grown up in such harsh conditions with very little attention to himself and everything being shared amongst family, an unfortunate incident where his family could not collect $15,000 for his Grandfather’s burial snowballed into a series of events that would change his outlook of the world. 

With the looming financial insecurity, Kevin’s family grew bitter and flippant at their financial situation. He spoke about how the love his family, cousins, and siblings had for each other became non-existent, owing to the financial troubles they had due to ignorance. Not only did it have lasting impressions on Kevin himself, but it impacted the rest of his family as well. 

Seeing the lack of finances, real estate, and credit ruin his family, Kevin became intrigued with how money worked and why it was so important. He went on to learn all about it, why it is so important in people’s lives, and why it can ruin them as well. Fast forward to the present, Kevin is now an equity partner at a wealth development firm called R&K Wealth Development. With their tagline being “Come build something that outlives you”, the firm focuses on helping small or medium-sized businesses and organizations decrease their operating costs and generate more revenue, to ensure that they see a growth that is continuous. They guarantee positive results with their established network of over 25 multi-billion-dollar companies and governments. With their team of professionals that are based all over the globe, R&K Wealth Development does its best to help its clients improve their business in a sustainable way with minimal cost. 

Kevin has helped over 300 business owners improve their averages, save approximately $100,000 which has resulted in them being in the safe-zone during COVID and not at risk of shutting down. With no unsatisfied clients, it is safe to say that Kevin’s understanding of finance, credit, and real estate has helped him and his career on Wall Street become a trusted firm.

Kevin can be reached on his Instagram (@thinkobsidian) where he is sure to reply within 24 hours. Aside from work and motivational pictures, he also posts about his personal life, his workout regimes, and his accomplishments since being at Wall Street. We are sure he deserves as much love and support as he can get. His crystal-clear reputation and his competency when it comes to what he does is proof of that. Go ahead and follow him on his social media to keep up with Kevin! 

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