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Kelly Balch is a Young Adult Fiction author and editorial storyteller who has won several awards for her work. She is incredibly well known for her YA series, Aphrodite’s Sister, which has been ranked at number 15 on the New York’s bestsellers list and number 10 on Amazon’s bestsellers in LGBT Fantasy Fiction. Aside from being a renowned author, she is also a world-famous and award-winning celebrity photographer who has had her work published in publications such as Vogue, People, Esquire, Style, Vanity Fair aside from many, many more.

Kelly describes herself as a hopeless romantic and a curious empath who loved to hear different stories from all different walks of life. For Kelly, truth and love hold the most value in her life as she lives by the saying that as her heart stays in the present, her head circles in the greater cosmos. She is a huge believer in people and objects having their unique energies, synchronicities and that all things in life happen for a greater purpose. She also wants to travel all over the world with some particular destinations in mind. For now, they include Scotland, Easter Island, Helsinki, Lesvos, Ireland, Norway, Maldives, the moon and even Mars!

As she spends a lot of her time photographing amazing weddings and editorials all year round, it is incredibly astonishing how incredibly talented she is when it comes to writing. She is extremely talented in both of the fields that she works in professionally as both sides of her work have won several awards and have a very powerful impact. Kelly has written two books as a part of her series, Aphrodite’s Sister out of which her Young Adult Fantasy LGBTQ+ book, Aphrodite’s Sister: The Angel, was a bestselling book in 2017 in the genre of Gay and Lesbian Romance and also led to Kelly winning awards from the California Library Association Book Exhibit in San Diego.

The series is set in a world where ancient Greek Mythology and modern-day life coexist and follow the journey of its main protagonist, Petra Ambrosi, a goddess who has empathic abilities despite being emotionless herself. She is extremely stubborn and overconfident until she is sent to Earth to live with humans. There, she meets a woman who changes her entire perspective about life and unleashes all of the emotions she had never felt before. It was through loving a person she did not even know of before that challenged her world view and turned her into a different person for the better.

For Kelly, her journey with photography started at a very young age when she had tried and exhausted a few other outlets of expression before stumbling upon photography. When she discovered it, she ended up fully falling in love with the art of capturing moments and preserving them in the form of photos. When asked how she feels about it, she describes it as her getting a “literal high from it”. This shows how immensely dedicated she is to her work and her love, passion, and dedication for the art shines through in all of her work.

With the amount of passion and hard work that Kelly puts in all of her work, it is of no surprise that she has amazing reviews on both her writing work and her photography work. On Goodreads, she has a rating of over four stars on her series while for her photography she has received amazing reviews from the people she has photographed for. They describe the experience as incredibly comfortable despite having a camera there and Kelly having the eye for best and the most creative shots. To find out more about Kelly’s work, one can follow her on her Instagram or see her website.

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