Keantwon Bonnett (@ktwon_fame)


There was once an era where rapping wasn’t considered as real music. Everyone would completely disregard rap as a form of music by claiming it to be merely rhythmic speaking. This so-called hatred was to such extend that people who used to rap weren’t treated with respect, and no one would listen to their music. However, nothing stays the same because change is inevitable. Thus, came an era where rap has given the crown it truly deserved, and it was possible all because of artists like Tupac, KRS-One, Jay-Z, etc. Everyone became extremely invested in rap music, and soon this genre became one of the most popular and cherished music in the world. These legendary rappers gave rapping its rightful throne, but whether it maintains it holds heavily depends on the current and rising rappers. Keantwon Bonnett is one of those promising rappers who would not only save the rapping from getting dethroned and soon be ruling it.


This love for music, especially rapping, came to the surface when he started singing in the church around that age. From that moment, he just felt it in his gut that he was destined for greatness, and today Bonnett can say that his instinct was right as he became the hottest artist in Dallas Tx.


However, reaching the summit wasn’t all rainbows and glitter. Keantwon was just 12 when he became a father, with all the pressure of raising a kid pushed upon his shoulder when he was a kid himself. Although, having a child changed him, making him even more dedicated towards his goal as now he wanted to be a dad his daughter would be proud to have. This is when he decided to become a rapper. Everyone around Keantown mocked and taunted his decision and told him that he would never survive in this industry with a child to look after. Despite it all, he didn’t let anyone’s opinion, behavior, and attitude faze him. For what’s worth, their words acted as fuel to drive his passion even further because now he wanted to prove them all wrong


 It took Keantown an immense about of dedication and sleepless nights to reach where he is. Starting from releasing singles here and there, he began to gain a lot of attraction. After seeing how that turns out, he decided that it was the best time to release his mixtape 28 Grams Vol 1 under his stage name, Ktwon Fame. This mixtape blew up, which led him to release his album’s Vol 2. He then released his single called Shawty, with an exclusive giveaway for fans of $500 for the best Shawty challenge video. His single became an instant hit, and people started calling him the hottest thing coming out of Dallas, Texas. After the tremendous success he received for Shawty, he released another single, “Big Steppa,” which became a viral trend to the point that now every prominent name rapper and kid is saying it. 


After releasing music assiduously, he soon became the hottest artist with one of the most significant records in Dallas right now! This led many artists wanting to work with him and many reports wishing to interview him, one of them being the renowned: 97.9 the beat. Maybe it was because of his wholesome dream to give his daughter a stable future that the heavens above didn’t stop showering blessing upon him or maybe it was sheer talent.


However, rather than all this fame making him arrogant or stuck up, it humbled him down even more, and his Instagram, @ktwon_fame, is a breathing proof of it. He continually updates his almost three hundred thousand followers about his life through it and gives them the motivation to move forward every now and then through his captions. His Instagram is truly a window to his personal life, and his soul, making his followers connect, and relate to him even further. 


Keantwon Bonnett once said, ”If you knew the pain I have been through, all the life obstacles and tests. Yet I remained humble and want you to hear me out through my music.” Today, he breathed these words to existence through his every action, choice, and behavior. This is why his music can touch people’s souls because his music has a part of him in it, which makes it special and unique. He started from being no one to being everything to Dallas. His success story is a true inspiration as it motivates us to be a better and follow our dreams for ourselves and, most importantly, for our loved ones.

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