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Ever since we have stepped into the digital era, there has been enormous pressure on the entertainment industry to produce good quality of enjoyment and to produce in abundance so that there isn’t even a single day when people don’t have something new to watch. This pressure is why the entertainment industry scurries with the fear of viewers running out of options. Thus, each day new companies emerge to being by professing to be more creative and different from the rest. Due to severe competition, one not only needs talent, but they also need to have never-ending persistence and determination to survive on this battlefield and be prosperous. Karim Richardson is one of those who have conquered the battle and stayed one step ahead.

Karim Richardson is the founder and the CEO of Global Star Entertainment, a leading entertainment company that specializes in music management, filmmaking, and anything that involves entertainment. His company offers full-service aptitudes because they aim to deliver original and innovative ways of entertainment to influence and engage consumers.

However, this rise wasn’t smooth, and he was very well aware of this when he started off. He knew life would have hindrances stacked up if he went on pursuing his dream, but he also believed that you have a voice in giving it an ending you desire. These blocks that life throws at you can be viewed as obstacles, but you can also see them as stepping blocks to reach your goal faster. His positive thinking plays an immense role in making him a thriving man that he is today. Karim completed his Bachelor of Arts in Criminal Justice and Corrections from the University of Phoenix, the most renowned and most extensive private University in the entire State of America. People might deem that he wasted his degree by going into the entertainment industry. But Karim believes his bachelor played a considerable role in shaping the man he is today, by making him not only a book but also street smart, a feature heavily needed to survive in this industry. Getting this degree also helped him realize that he can achieve anything if he puts his whole blood and soul into it. Thus, he built his own company even though many advised him the opposite, and there is no doubt in saying he proved them all wrong.

Karim is also a renowned producer behind many uproarious movies such as Arc Agenda. He recently announced his newly produced film called walk-in, in which he is not only the executive producer but also its writer. He truly believes this movie is his golden egg, which will help his company gain even more attention than it already has been generating due to its indulging plot and an exceptional cast.

Before becoming the successful CEO that he is today, Karim was a professional boxer in 2012, fighting his component with his fast-paced jabs and lightning speed movements. To this day, you can look up his name on BoxRec, an official website dedicated to holding updated professional and amateur boxers’ updated records. As he still feels nostalgic about that period of his life, perhaps one day, the world might see his boxing journey in one of his produced films.

After achieving so much success in life, many would stop, but for Karim, it is just the beginning as now he is currently running for city councilman in Brooklyn, New York. His life is a living proof that he doesn’t have the word quit in this dictionary. He is truly an inspiration who turns everything he touches into gold, whether it be an artist, movie, or an entire company. His tale of hard work and exertion is a reminder for us to be relentlessly determined, as determination and perseverance are essential to success. Just keep persevering, and you will find a way to overcome all the hurdles and achieve your goals.

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