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Karen Gevorkyan is a brilliant professional boxer who originates from Liepaja, Latvia but currently living in Moscow, Russia. He is an Armenian national that made his debut in 2019 at the age of thirty. He goes by the alias ‘Ambition’ and is acknowledged as a super welter; his weight category in professional boxing ranges from 147 pounds to 154 pounds. He is a skilled pro boxer who has taken part in many fights, also winning many rounds and competitions. His passion for boxing is undeniable as he is always ready to fight and attend tough training sessions to hone his abilities. Karen is regarded as one of the most appreciated boxers due to his determination to excel in his performances at every fight and practice consistently to do better than before.

Since childhood, Karen has looked up to renowned boxers such as Muhammad Ali, Mike Tyson, and Roy Jones Jr for inspiration. Boxing is a unique sport that requires a lot of discipline and body training. Boxers also stimulate themselves through their emotions, thus how one feels and processes it during a fight plays a huge role in the art of boxing. The ring stands as a stage where all your inner demons come to play. You feel alive, tense, calm, and still have to find the rage and anger within at the right time to enforce a successful competition. This is a feeling no other athlete can feel, and boxing serves as the right sport where disciplining and projecting your inner energies are greatly tested. According to Karen, boxing is the sport that keeps the fire in him alive as he loves it deeply. He considers it as a true gentleman’s sport, where the boxer has to respect boundaries and not hit anyone while the competitor is on the ground. There is an immense amount of respect between the players, they shake hands and completely abide by the rules. The entire process of training and competition is very tough, yet Karen regards it as the best thing about boxing. Karen chose this athletic field solely because of how he felt towards it, and his perseverance is proof of his love.

Karen has lived through quite a journey with his boxing career. Although he has just started, yet he has accomplished so much and gained fans all over the world. One memorable incident that Karen shares happened the day before his boxing debut. Karen was staying at a hotel in Riga with his manager and he spotted a popular Russian rapper at the table next to them. As Karen was a fan of the Russian rapper, he approached him for a picture and to make conversation. Upon talking to him, Karen found out that he came to the city for a concert that was happening in two hours! The rapper also invited Karen along to the concert and to join them on the stage as well. Even though Karen’s flight was the next day, still he went as he could not resist. He had an amazing time with the rapper and earned a wonderful story to tell people later. On top of that, he also won the fight in the second round with a complete knockout.

Karen has an Instagram with thousands of followers who are updated with his boxing matches, traveling, and training progress. His profile is a true boxer lover’s treasure. His feed takes a person along with his boxing career and gives a significant insight into the boxing world, fellow players, and how pro boxers live their life. He promotes a healthy lifestyle and shares daily about his most favorite fight moments. If you love boxing and share a similar passion to Karen, then do follow his Instagram with the username ambition_gevorkyan.

Karen has many future ambitions and stories to tell people as his career journey has only begun. He wants the best for everybody and everyone’s dream to become a reality. He embraces the idea of never giving up if you truly find what you love. Karen wants all the readers to know that life comes with obstacles and isn’t an easy ride, but in the end, it is always worth it.

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