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Philosophy is the study of general and fundamental questions about existence, knowledge, values, reason, and language. People who are professional philosophers have always been curious by nature. They are constantly questioning everything around them and deducing things. Unlike psychologists, who deduce and observe a pattern of human behavior. Together, philosophy and psychology play a large role in understanding how the world works.

Among many people who excel in philosophy and psychology, there is one STMU university graduate named Justin Michael Allen Quinton who is a coach, author, and Psychoanalytic thinker. Ever since he was young he always found himself being fascinated by psychology and philosophy. Coming from a non-religious background he constantly questioned everything around him and tried to make sense of the things that existed and why they existed. Instead of playing outside like other kids his age, he was always engrossed in books. As he grew older, philosophy and psychology intrigued him and soon it turned into a passion. As he was always introverted he never really shared his perspective on things with people. But when he started to talk about those things and opened up he realized the impact it had on people. He discovered his ability to inspire people through his words and since then he has taken every opportunity to speak his mind and share his theories with people. Even at a young age people used to come to him for advice on all sorts of things, this led him to develop an interest in coaching people. After graduating from STMU University, instead of joining a workforce, he decided to start his training sessions where he would help people overcome challenges in their life.

In midst of deciding to work privately and graduating from his University Justin started writing. He put all his knowledge and all the research he did while his time in University and compiled it into a book. He named his book The Fear and published it in the year 2015 for people dealing with fear. In this book, he talks about the crippling social anxiety people get when they are introduced into a new environment and how they can control that feeling to overcome that fear and anxiety. By a seven stage process, this book provides strategies and tools that guide the reader through how to master over life’s common anxieties. After this book was published hundreds and thousands of people worldwide appreciated it. It instantly gained popularity and people gave a positive response. All around the world, it helped people overcome the situations that triggered their anxiety and because of this book’s huge success, he became a bestselling author.

From 2018 to 2019 Justin was Udemy’s highest-rated personal development instructor. In addition to being formally educated in psychology, he has done a decade worth of research in the field of emotional intelligence and relationship counseling. Due to his vast knowledge and research in this department, he has done several Actualize academy training programs and seminars in which he teaches people to develop higher self-esteem and help them with personal growth.  Furthermore, during his time in the university, he was elected president of the Student Legislative Council and was also a part of the Board of Governors in 2017. Being so qualified and having immense knowledge in the psychology department it was certain that he would become an excellent counseling coach and a teacher.

Even though Justin is a private person yet on his Instagram @mrjq, he is known for his humor. Moreover, he likes to share pictures of his work for his 2k plus followers and keep them updated about his new projects. His new book Mind is coming out shortly soon in which he talks about the philosophical examination on why people struggle with motivation and happiness in life. This book will further help people deal with the obstacles they face in their lives and inspire them to be in control of their emotions.

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