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Content creating has become a popular trend in the last few years. Apart from being a means to make money, if a platform garners enough attention, it has also become a way people can simply kill time or explore their creative capacities and put them on the internet for people to see and appreciate. Platforms such as Instagram and YouTube are currently the most popular of these platforms, providing the resources one needs to share videos and photos for the enjoyment, entertainment, or knowledge for others. The channels or profiles on these platforms take shape while revolving around different aspects of a content creator’s life. Someone who is a makeup enthusiast may become a “makeup guru” or “beauty guru.” Similarly, an avid music listener or movie watcher may become a reactor or give reviews, or fitness experts and physical trainers may become “fitness gurus.”

These platforms have provided creators the means to share tips and extensive information regarding things in their areas of expertise, and this has opened doors for people to share their passion with the world, educating them or even entertaining them in the process. With these social media platforms being welcoming of all kinds of content, it has given creators ample opportunities. It has also allowed some of them to shine through with their outstanding content.

An example of one such content creator is Joshua Miles. Hailing from England and born in 1998, Joshua has an interest that is entirely out of the ordinary, which led to him creating his self-titled channel on YouTube called “Joshua Miles.” Like some of the fields mentioned above, most content creators have varied interests. Joshua’s just happens to be crime commentary. Having first created his channel in 2009, Joshua only started actively posting his commentary videos around a year ago. With some 47 cases that he has shared commentary on and 50+ videos on his channel, his videos have amassed a total of over 8 million views with the most viewed single video collecting over 450,000 views.

If his stats weren’t impressive enough already, his channel and content have garnered over 126,000 subscribers within a few years. In the first year that he made his account, he was able to amass over 30,000 subscribers. Although one could think going into the technical details of true crime cases can be dangerous as misinformation or unconfirmed information could spread, Joshua actually fully knows what he is doing. Not only does he do thorough research on cases he is sharing information about, but he also fully utilizes his law degree to get into the nitty-gritty of some very disturbing cases.

He has made videos covering famous cases that made international headlines and piqued the world’s attention. Most of these cases share common qualities such as the strange circumstances under which some of them happened, and Joshua’s subscribers love seeing his commentary on them. To make sure he takes his followers’ input into account, he has a website called “” where subscribers can submit a request for a case they wish to see covered, and he tries his best to deliver.

Other than the collaborations he has done with other content creators such as Caitlin Rose, Stephanie Harlowe, Danelle Hallan, Eleanor Neale, and Flinders, he has also had success beyond his YouTube Channel. Joshua has his own Podcast, has held multiple meet-and-greets, and has received invitations to events such as CrimeCon, SiTC, WiTC, CrimeCon UK, and VidCon. He has been a panelist in True Crime and investigative journalism events and even attended the star-studded launch of Sky Network’s channel ‘Sky Crime.’

Reachable on his Instagram (@itsjoshuamiles) and Twitter, Joshua is an interactive and dedicated content creator. Revealing in a Q&A video on his YouTube that he does not wish to cover cases that have been extensively covered by various channels, he covers other lesser talked-about cases after thorough research and fact-checking. It is no surprise that his channel is one you want to keep on visiting!



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