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Many of us during our lifespan come across career paths that we aspire to choose. Most of such career choices are based on the ones we have usually heard of or are decisions we want to acquire under the pressure of the society. However, we are uninformed of so many opportunities that could be taken if we think outside the box that is limiting the thinking capability of our minds. There are an enormous number of choices to be chosen as a career and are pretty much in demand, behind the scenes. 

One such extremely stressful and technical job is that of lighting and managing tours. Jonathan Rikner is a 27-year-old guy currently pursuing this job as his career. Since a child, he didn’t even know this existed as a career path as he wanted to be a pilot. A few years later after realizing that being a pilot just wasn’t his best choice, Jonathan planned to resume his old hobby of concert lighting seriously this time. For Jonathan, acquiring this path had to be done from scratch as he had no idea of where to begin it with. He went to work for a local company in Uppsala where he learned and gained his experience of lighting and the techniques solely used for this purpose. And then from there he worked his way up in this field and has established a secure position by now.


Jonathan is a professional touring light designer and engineer, touring the world for his work. He has done lighting for concerts of some well-known celebrities who are verified and follow through his work. Along with being a lighting technician and managing audio, video, and ensuring consistent quality, Jonathan acts as a tour manager as well. He helps in organizing the massive schedules by carefully aligning the sequences of venues required for a tour, guaranteeing the concert is smoothly run without any hassle. Jonathan is privileged to be the choice for most of the celebrities who frequently interact over his posts and have chosen him as their trust-worthy technician. 

Jonathan, after gaining a lot of success decided to open up his very own venture by the name “NCOAB Recordz”, and acts as the Chief Executive Officer there. This new venture serves as a record label that is unique and industry-changing in its sole way. It serves as a stop for anyone seeking to book parties and new music, etc. Since it is a newly formed business, it will take time for it to get noticed. However, a section on the website which acts as a gallery gives one an insight into what it would be like to collaborate with NCOAB Recordz. Anyone willing to book their event may contact the team through the email mentioned on the website. 

During the years Jonathan has worked in this field, he came across many moments that meant a lot to him as a person and hold a special place in his heart. Being a fan of the band Hoffmaestro since a kid, Jonathan used to listen to this song called Lullaby following his first heartbreak. Many years later, in 2019 he was appointed as the lighting technician for the very band. After a while, he got to know that the band looked up to him as a passionate, driven young guy. This was the moment of pride for Jonathan as he realized how far he has made in his career. 

The journey of Jonathan with this career continues to surprise him daily. He has traveled to many places like Russia, Saudi Arabia, and Australia, etc with artists and is content with the appreciation he gets from each one of them. Today, he is an inspiration to many young people who want to build up from nothing but a scratch.

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