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An EDM (Electronic Dance Music) producer, as the name suggests, makes electronic pop music. But unlike producers in its multitude of subsequent contemporaries such as hip- hop, and pop, EDM producers are not just responsible for overseeing the process of music-making, but also are in charge of creating the music itself. Johnathan Borden, or more commonly known by his fans as Dr. B, is a young EDM and Techno Producer based in Canada. He recently partnered up with Airinium Masks as a brand ambassador.

Dr. B, formerly going by the name of The Madd Scientist, is known as a professional in his field – working in the industry for about twenty years now, he has earned his gradual rise to fame. In early 2003, Dr. B started his career by working with many high profile producers such as Cool & Dre, Tony Touch, Boogie Blind, and reggae sensation Elephant Man. Later, he went on to work with Swizz Beatz, someone Dr. B has always looked up to and holds as an inspiration for his works – using him as a standard to uphold his music and workflow.

With his inevitable fame catching up with him throughout the years, Dr. B released his first-ever solo dance record independently in 2019. Currently, the doctor is gearing up to release his debut solo album “I NEED A DOCTOR”, set to come out in 2022. Still, for fans that just can’t seem to wait for the album to release, Dr. B does not disappoint. Dr. B tells EDM enthusiasts to keep a lookout for three new singles which he will release on August 7th (I’m the Ish), 14th (Be There), and 21st (I Just Told You)of 2020.

Always on the lookout for new ways to innovate his style and rhythm, Dr. B strives to keep his music fresh. It should come as no surprise then that in the past year and a half he has managed to release up to 16 new singles, gaining over ten thousand followers up on Spotify and gaining verification as an authentic artist. With the popularity and demand for his music only increasing with each passing moment, from North America to Europe and Asia, Dr. B is eager to please his fans and meet them in person. Starting a worldwide tour which is to begin next year, Dr. B plans to travel with his music from his home country in Canada to France, Germany, Italy, and South Korea. He tells his fans to keep their eyes peeled for further information.

Once he had gone up to meet with Swizz Bankz, someone could describe as a “real gentleman and down to earth” individual. He had gone to meet up with Swizz Bankz’s new prodigy at the time “Cassidy”, where Dr.B got the chance to witness his role model’s creative process from start to finish. Being able to chance upon him producing an entire album was an experience in itself but Dr. B was left awestruck when by the time they had finished the album, it was already playing on Hot 97. While finally planning to return home, Swizz offered Dr. B a ride back to his hotel and the experience he got was worth the invitation. Swizz owned a black on black Benz G7, one of the sleekest cars Dr.B had seen and after being driven back on 8th Avenue at 110 mph, Dr. B was hooked resulting in him buying his G5 in platinum silver, six months later.

With a type A personality, Dr. B likes to stay on top of things and keep himself preoccupied. Always ready to learn and improve beyond his skill set, he has recently picked up on learning the piano and finger drumming. The ‘doctor’ is an ardent fan of wheels as mentioned above, having a passion for chic cars. As he recalls one of the more memorable events to have taken place since joining the industry involve one of his biggest inspirations and his love for cars which amalgamated into one of the most enjoyable days for him.

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