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The pace of the music and animation industry has set foot to rise faster than time’s grasp as the technological era prevails and new businesses and products enter the market requiring the extraordinary services of these industries. Mindful with the scope of this field and the prospects of its advancement in ideas and creativity, Johnny Ngeim, an Art Director and Music Curator from Toronto, Ontario, made up his mind to sail the ships of his professional career in the sea of this innovative media.

After graduating from Carleton University in journalism and studying in a film making program from Humber College, Canada, Johnny decided to flourish his skills in music and visual arts. His journey festooned with opportunities of being acquainted with new artists and flanked with considerable latitude for learning visionary approach and techniques of the industry soon bore fruit in the shape of his company; ”Yung Eldr GbR”.

Yung Eldr GbR is a creative agency with headquarters rooted in Berlin, Germany. Specialising in various sectors like esports, music, and entertainment the company produced futuristic pieces of art that allured the general public toward products, services, and events on behalf of numerous organizations and individuals.

Possessing a sheer understanding of music trends associated with distinctive lifestyles, Johnny developed an adroitness in methodical judgments regarding how music will sound in a specific environment and to specific sorts of people. Expanding its services in assorted divisions like creating a soundtrack for an event, managing a music brand, creating a playlist featuring a genre that appeals to a specific customer demographic, or otherwise evaluating the entertainment value and composition quality for an artist or song, Yung Eldr has engraved its name in the music industry.

Operating the platform of Yung Eldr, Johnny got gratifying opportunities to ally with A-listed channels such as Colors, Majestic Casual and The Circle, curating zestful music videos and working with eminent musical artists, songwriters and singers like Keir, Badchieff, Hozier, Yung Blud, Donna Missal, Jacob Banks, Lewis Capaldi, Bishop Briggs Welshly Arms and Moli. Moreover, Yung Eldr co-produced a music video with ANTI-Records featuring the well known Canadian multi-instrumentalist; Richard Reed Parry.

Apart from this Yung Eldr also specialised in developing formats and web shows for its clients which also consist of the renowned Universal Music GmbH and Red Bull Music together with Red Bull Esports and Riot Games covering events such as LEC Playoff format 2020, Mediocre Rap Battle of LEC, EU Master 2018 Breakdown and Rap Rivals EU vs NA.  Johnny’s peculiar ardour towards the field of esports can also be reflected in Yung Eldr collaboration with Evil Geniuses in DreamLeague Season 13 and also with G2 Esports in The Kenny Way and Rainbow 6 Pilot Program Reveal and in directing and filming ‘Making The Squad Season 1 and 2’.

Other masterstrokes in the entertainment industry involve joint effort with OnFleek which entitled them with golden chances to interview the legendary American rapper; Eminem and the remarkable American hip hop trio; Migos. Undoubtedly, Johnny’s creative strategies and intuition in technology mixed with his prowess in designing and advertising provided his clients with phenomenal commercials, music videos, and appealing web page designs that accelerated the gains of countless individuals and organizations.

Setting no boundaries to passion, Johnny also developed finesse in photography trying to gather every entangled beauty and emotion with his camera lens. Progressing in his appetite for capturing memorable moments, Johnny also had the pleasure of shooting famous celebrities like Mac Demarco, Ryan Hart, Nicole Charles, and sensational music bands such as Migos, Big Thief, and Arcade Fire. Johnny’s exposure in the media industry took him to various corners of the world including Los Angeles. Seoul, Tokyo, Berlin, Bitterfeld, Ibiza, Mexico City, Paris, Kraków, and many others which diversified his photography fervour from seascapes to landscapes to famous buildings, art museums, music studios and much more.

To watch more of Johnny’s camera portraits you can follow him on Instagram @jhonny_5. Other than that to stay updated with Yung Eldr’s latest projects you can follow it on Instagram @yung_eldr or Facebook @yungeldr or visit the official website or

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