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John Mandelino is a well-established entrepreneur living in New York, America. He owns three businesses that are profiting well, and are on the road for more success. John’s companies; AllWell Monitors, AllWell Goods, and All Action LLC are all doing great and getting clients from all over the world. John also has many hobbies such as cars, investments, traveling, and even music. He has also appeared as a guest on many famous business-related podcasts, including Rizzo Moverz.


John has a strong background in marketing and advertisement strategies thus, this knowledge granted him the opportunity of making a career out of it. He also has a unique skill in knowing how to make customers and people happy, which is the primary reason all of his business ventures are such a success.

AllWellMonitors is a startup that helps popular people on Instagram to observe and browse their accounts for bot and advertisement comments. Instagram has an immense number of irrelevant spam accounts and bots that make promotion and blogging difficult, this company provides with the technology and strategy to eliminate any undesirable engagements on the profile that isn’t in line with the account’s purpose. If you have a blog or a public account with decent followers, you might have noticed irrelevant ads and spam comments that make no sense on your posts. They just increase irrelevance and make it difficult for the Instagram user and his followers to keep track of communicating efficiently with each other. This business strives to eradicate this issue and remove spam accounts and pictures that do not have any place on the client’s posts. AllWellMonitors presents a safe and reliable system to monitor and keep records of things as they are supposed to be.

AllWellMonitors has an Instagram account as well where one can find their work details and offers that they provide to customers. The business is gaining recognition over time and has crossed thousands of followers as well. Their Instagram feed is full of pictures of clients they have or currently are working for. The requirements for applying for this service are having a substantial quantity of Instagram followers, business accounts, or a direct page outlook. AllWellmonitor provides many services such as; the ability to delete spam, navigate post comments, unwanted advertisements, plus inappropriate content that does not match with the page’s preferences. They have packages for monitoring that have a weekly, or hourly limit, and also a time restriction for a 30 minute or 5-minute scan. The company can be contacted through email or their Instagram by using the username allwellmonitors. If you are interested in getting set up for your business or you have any queries, then do check out their Instagram and give them a message. The team of AllWellMonitors is responsible and always available to make their customers happy!

John has built a legacy with his brilliant entrepreneurship idea. He also has an Instagram account where he posts regarding his visits to California, NewYork, and Disney World. He also updates regularly about investments and recent changes in the market.  He is a committed spiritual person with a brilliant intellect and stands as an inspiration for all entrepreneurs out there. He cultivated three businesses that are doing well and are is looking to introduce more in time. Readers can follow John on his Instagram with the username jmandelino.

Instagram is an essential part of modern life, most businesses have shifted to online methods as it results in a faster, and more responsive relationship with customers. The business industry online has increased drastically over a few years, and Instagram is seen as the new marketing platform. However, with growth comes more challenges and that’s what John intended to solve with this new business. AllWellMonitors allows things to plan out more efficiently, so customers can market and have a safe and secure experience online. AllWellMonitors has always put customers first, and their happiness as their ultimate priority, and to always equip them with the best of services.

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