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Music is one of the most popular and widely appreciated forms of art and entertainment around the globe. It can share a story and allowing the artist to connect with the listened regardless of their personal or cultural differences. Due to this, many artists become popular worldwide and appeal to a wide variety of people. Apart from simply being used as a source of entertainment, people enjoy music that makes them feel something and learn more about the artist and the world they come from. Many musicians can make music that resonates with people and brings about emotions of joy, grief, or celebration. 

One such person is John Lewis, who describes himself as a comedic rapper and goes by the name Geokid. He is a fast-growing artist who is beginning to amass a following both in his community in Gaithersburg, Maryland as well as online. He has thousands of views on the songs he has released on his YouTube channel and is not slowing down. He has 14 songs so far and is a verified artist on Spotify. John has also won awards for singing and music and has been a featured artist on Nexxtupnetwork. One of his songs, Aardvark, has gotten over ten thousand views on YouTube. 

Apart from releasing his music, John also enjoys working with different artists and learning from them. He has connected with many over social media, particularly Instagram. His first official artist collaboration is set to be released in a few weeks, where he will be featured on a song. John is keen to keep growing further and further and is releasing new music each week to keep his audience engaged and allow himself to continue developing as an artist and experimenting with different styles.

From a young age, John had known he wanted to be in a creative field and use his career as a means of connecting with people. He initially tried to do so by breaking into the field of online influencers and streamers. He had seen them making a career out of doing what they loved and the amount of support they had been able to get from their audience and he wanted to do something similar. He started a blog, a YouTube channel, and even wrote a book to get the same level of success. However, they did not gain as much traction as he had hoped and he was unsure what direction to take for the future. This is when he came up with the idea of making music. It seemed to be the perfect choice for him as not only did he have a background in musical theatre but his father was also a poet. Therefore, he had both vocal skills and writing knowledge that helped him come up with lyrics. 

He decided to go with the comedy genre since he loved to make people laugh and brighten up their days. His stage name, Geokid, comes from his interest in geography (which, incidentally, was what his blog and YouTube channel had been based on) and his young age. With time, he began playing around with music and gaining a following because of his unique perspective and talent. He is extremely passionate about what he does, and that shines through in his music and allows people to understand him as a person through the art he produces. 

John connected with his audience mainly through social media and can be found on a variety of different platforms, including Instagram (@geokidmusic), Twitter (@geokid8), TikTok (@geokidofficial) and YouTube (Geokid). He makes sure to give back to the people who have supported him both by advising others looking to start in the industry and putting out content as often as he can and ensuring it is the best possible work. His first music video is set to release this summer, although he has not announced an official date and he is currently releasing a new song every Monday on his YouTube channel. 

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