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75252636_195995971439844_6278252336040505049_nJohn Lai is a successful veteran entrepreneur and journalist whose journey started in the year 2009 with the launch of a media publication company called ‘Social Media NZ’. The company stayed under John for the next four years where he made it flourish – the business was known as the go-to site for all kinds of social media news in both Australia and New Zealand. However,  a few years after, John wanted to venture out and try new things and hence sold ‘Social Media NZ’ to an agency called ‘Catalyst90’. The veteran journalist stepped out of his comfort zone and became a strategic consultant, helping various companies throughout Asia, he dedicated around eight years to giving advice and guiding firms. Now he runs a creative agency that often collaborates with many renowned clients such as Under Armour and Torpedo 7.

Lai always wanted to be a successful entrepreneur hence his evident journey to opening various companies came into being, working his best to make them prosper. ‘Social Media NZ’ was a safe space for people residing in New Zealand to exchange news; it was an online community where freedom of speech was greatly valued. This online haven was so popular amongst the Kiwis that the company then planned on expanding to Asia and was extremely successful in doing so. In 2014, despite its obvious growth, Lai sold the company to Tom Reidy from ‘Catalyst90’ however he remained an advisor to the formerly owned company to make sure he does not forget his roots.

After an extensive adventure around Asia (working as a consultant) which lasted for about eight years, John Lai came back to his home country, New Zealand, and launched another company with an old friend. Krager Consultancy ( is a creative agency that provides various services each having its specialist dealing with the respective consultancy offered. With a network focused on strategists (specializing in digital marketing they help connect with various industries and consumer groups), creatives (these individuals are responsible for presenting and executing ideas), content producers, media individuals, and designers – they have an array of individuals focused on giving out the best to customers.

John Lai has always been a very hard working and passionate man, the dedication he puts into everything he does is the reason why he is so prosperous today. His commitment to his work can be seen by the growth of his company. Just like any startup, the business in its initial days was slow, and little to no profit was being made, however, Lai put his all and tried his very best, ‘with a little bit of determination and hustle’ they were able to establish a strong base of clients. Soon Krager Consultancy was thriving and that too without any loan being taken, showing the devoted personality of Lai.

This passionate entrepreneur can be contacted via his website or Instagram (@blckanese) where he has around five thousand strong followings. His social media acts as a place to interact with different people and perhaps broaden his connections be it, clients or partners. It’s a place where he showcases his daily life and interacts with people, showing his interests in traveling, music, and American football. Aside from a personal account, his business also has an Instagram ( which is also around five thousand followers strong. The business account focuses on promoting and marketing themselves to attract more customers.

John is an ever-growing individual who always aims for the best and makes decisions that hopefully benefits him and his career. He wants to build another legacy which maintains its self for years to come just like his previous company ‘Social Media NZ’. His success has enabled him to appear on many radio talk shows where he had the opportunity to express his opinions regarding the happenings on social media. As such a prosperous individual he wants people to learn from him to never give up and have a positive outlook on life.

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