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In a world that is so divided and running at a fast pace, it is hardly anyone’s priority to take a steady pause and consider celebrating other people’s existence and shift the spotlight onto them so the world can see the hidden talents and stories. John Kyeremeh, however, is one of those rare human beings who always spends his time and energy in trying to celebrate other people’s talents and accomplishments. He makes all the efforts on his side to bring light to people’s stories that must be heard because he believes, hearing each other out can someday make the world a better place. It is extremely important in the current situation when the future is uncertain to support each other unconditionally through hardships and exhibit empathy. In an attempt to do something pragmatic about his thoughts, John has started his very own Talk Show on Instagram- Bold and Fearless; he airs the show every Tuesday on his Instagram at 7 pm. 

In a world of Netflix and HBO, people are often consumed in fictional tales, and it’s understandable: they are easy to follow and entertaining. But at the same time, it is crucial to acknowledge the stories that live around us, and for that sole reason, a need for a good talk show is necessary. Nowadays, many people are using more advanced tools such as Instagram Live to carry out their work independently of large corporates, which allows ample space more for creative juices to flow. Instagram Live is mostly like an Instagram story, but it is recorded and stream in real-time. It is a wise choice to use this platform because it gives one organic engagement boosts to users and increases the probability of engagement and creating a bond with the audience. John has strategically built a plan to keep his show engaging and consistent because his goal is to regroup a large number of people to build a community that’s supportive of each other.

It requires more than just random questions to be a good talk show host. Research is the first step that is essential to avoid the interview from being ineffective, and John is proficient with his research. He carefully creates a plan on whose story he should bring forward and what questions to ask to perpetuate a brilliant conversation that inspires others. One thing evident in John’s shows is his ability to allow space to his guests to talk about what they consider is significant to their stories and let them take the center stage. This is something rare in today’s talk shows, especially when the trends have changed where the host occupies the center stage. John encourages discourse on important topics instead of dominating the conversation or following a monotonous approach to carry his series forth. His show is centered around uncovering and broadcasting stories of people who have faced challenges and overcome them fearlessly. John wants to present people from a diverse range of fields: business, music, art, fashion, sports, etc. He aspires to inspire people to not only support each but also find courage in themselves to do great things in life, that is why he makes sure to include people from all walks of life.

His dedication towards this show is evident from his zeal and enthusiasm. John is soon going to launch a website as well, which he plans to present as a career building website where people can form connections and pursue any career they want from all walks of life. His priority is always to help people and build a society where no one has to suffer; that’s why 10% of the proceeds will be transferred to a Non-Profit Organization to help the underprivileged children in America and Africa. John is passionate about changing the world for the better. He wants to see people be kind and supportive of each other and showcase people who are harboring hidden talents. If anyone wants to look him up, his social links is (

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