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With the state of the world in the present day, the only way humanity can go forward is when people with positive intentions come up to push for a better future. People who go out of their way to have a positive impact on the world, make the space around them better and more comfortable, and actively give back to the community. Seeing the globe riddled with nefarious activity, people who are corrupt or have ulterior motives being in positions of power and not having others’ best interest at heart is what has caused the downfall of humanity. 

One person who has, for a long time, been on a journey in an attempt to make the world a better place is Jeremy Charlton Park. This individual has not only proved time and again that he is an inspiration to the people around him, but has always gone out of his way to make a positive difference for the world and for a community. Having many titles under his belt, Jeremy certainly keeps himself busy since he is a philanthropist, corporate executive, and an author who does plenty more work on the side. 

Jeremy’s work experience is definitely nothing to scoff at, considering he has already published two books with philanthropic themes. The first book titled “Giving Back with Purpose” (published by Main Street Books in 2013) and the second titled “Giving for Growth” (published by Main Street Books in 2015 with a second edition later published in 2017) were both recipients of international recognition and were branded as best-sellers. It is important to note that a renowned publisher at Forbes, Rick Karlgaard, wrote the endorsement that can be seen on the cover of the second book. 

Jeremy has been writing for the “Giving Back” column for the Memphis newspaper, The Commercial Appeal, in which his writing has been published every Sunday for over a decade! As if that stretch of time is not impressive enough, he also hosts two weekly radio shows that air in Memphis and Nashville on multiple radio stations. The radio show airing across Memphis has been hosted by Jeremy for almost a decade with him having started in 2011, and the one in Nashville has been hosted since 2018. 


With him being fairly acquainted with hosting, Jeremy also has experience with interviewing and producing. He is the creator of “The Spark”, which is a monthly TV Show that also has an award show. It airs in Tennessee across the PBS Network. Another show that airs with the network is “A Conversation With” where notable figures who are among the best in their industry are interviewed. Jeremy has had the honor of interviewing people like Kevin Harrington (Shark Tank), Dr. Jen Welter (First female NFL Coach), Leland Melvin (Astronaut at NASA), and even Michard Montanez (inventor of Flamin’ Hot Cheetos).

His hosting experience opened yet another door for Jeremy, allowing him to host podcasts. One such podcast is called “Changemakers” on which he has had conversations with many people who have shared some amazing stories about their lives and their careers. He has spoken with people affiliated to Forbes and Harvard! 

His work with philanthropy, writing, and hosting has not been for naught, owing to him being a decorated individual in his fields. He has been awarded for his books, for the work he has done with his organization called “cityCURRENT”. The organization hosts over a hundred free community events and actively supports nonprofits!

According to Jeremy’s Instagram bio (@jeremycpark), he only “endorse posts on this page and work to power the GOOD.” He works night and day to encourage others and spread positivity. Every alternate post on his profile is a quote meant to encourage and inspire, which only goes to show how Jeremy is inclined to spreading good messages through his influence. If you are ever in need of a boost when you are running low on motivation or energy, be sure to check Jeremy’s profile and make sure to follow it! We’re sure it’ll be worth your time! 

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