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Jennifer Gilson is a hardworking vet who has a keen interest in horses, traveling and spending time with her family. She is someone who tries her best to always look at the positives in life and encourages others to do the same. Jennifer has a big heart and loves to do what she can to help animals be at their best health and she is intrigued by them.

Jennifer has always been the type to care for others around her. This started early in childhood for her as she loved letting her family and peers know that they could always count on her whenever things went bad. Jennifer always offered people good advice which led them back to her in their time of need. Her friends knew her as the mature one who had her priorities straight and goals set. Jennifer knew herself to be an animal lover as she adored spending whatever moments she could with pets. This love for animals coupled with her ability to be so caring towards others led her to pursue a career as a vet.

Jennifer learned a great deal while training to become a vet. She has interacted with many different types of animals from domestic to exotic animals. She loved learning about their different personalities and how similar their behaviors are to humans. Jennifer quickly fell in love with her choice in her career and once she was well established enough, she decided to take it to the next level. 

Jennifer started her own vet business called Sonora Veterinary Specialists right in Arizona. The vet has several qualified individuals who always did their best to make sure to return pets to their owners in a state better than they came in. Jennifer spent a great deal of her time ensuring everything went smoothly and the business was successful. In its time of running, Jennifer gained plenty of experience from the business.

Jennifer eventually left the previous business to start another veterinary business called Pet Urgent Care. This offers similar services to the last one but is under even better management as Jennifer is using what she has learned from her previous experience and applying it to this. She thoroughly enjoys her time working with animals and is excited to go to work every single day.

Currently, Jennifer is growing her following and has been able to attract over 13.2k followers on Instagram. She is also active on other social media platforms where she shares her interests and day-to-day life with her followers – these social media platforms include YouTube, Twitter, and Snapchat. Fans love how interactive Jennifer is and they enjoy seeing her content as they wonder where she will be next – with more dangerous animals or on vacation with her family.

Among many of the interests Jennifer has, she has a passion for horses and racing. Jennifer is the proud owner of Desert Jewel Gypsy horses which is a special type of horse for racing or breeding. She is happy to share this interest with her followers and has uploaded a couple of videos of her horses on her YouTube channel as well as Instagram. She shares this love for horse riding with her family as it makes for a bonding experience.  

Jennifer’s Instagram also constitutes many of her other interests. As mentioned earlier, she is fond of giving out words of encouragement and has managed to include empowering quotes to her Instagram profile. Besides this, she loves to spend time and travel with her family and has photos from different holidays like thanksgiving and Christmas. She is also a huge sports fan and loves to watch American football and hockey.

Jennifer is certainly on the path to see great success. She is extremely hardworking and dedicates her days not only to her career but to her family. Her fans enjoy seeing and learning how she manages everything in a tight schedule and is so relatable. Jennifer is bound to go far on social media.

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