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This article is about the ambitious and multi-talented female born in the Philippines, whose occupations include author, director, and producer. Jenell Diegor moved to Newfoundland, Canada with her family during her teenage years. She eventually found her way to success and moved to Toronto where she began working on creative projects as a writer, producer, and director since 2012.

Jenell Diegor started her filmmaking journey in 2016, by creating a few micro-short films for the Miniature Film Festival and the 15-Second Horror Film Challenge, both Canadian film events. An independent writer and filmmaker and she also works in a popular club. The multi-talented entertainer is also a fast learner and after her short films soon she not only began entering more international film festivals but also grabbed many nominations and wins in a few of them. She is the creator of the “Become an Egyptologist” web series and the “50 Free Things to do” series of travel guides. She has found success in the festival circuit with her short films including I Am Done, Dear Dylan, Pyramids, Conversion Therapy, and Four Sides. Her writings cover almost all genres like mystery, travel, fantasy, and poetry in almost 20 titles. Winning multiple awards at film festivals around the world, including the Los Angeles Film Awards, Jenell has produced and directed over 20 films.

The mastermind behind Toronto’s 300 Seconds Short Film Festival, 6ix Screams International Short Film Festival and Minute Madness Toronto is none other than Jenell. She is also the current director and curator of the Alternative Film Festival and the Couch Film Festival. Jenell is the person who enjoys doing her work including watching the submissions before they get passed on to the judges and the jury and putting together live events and getting to meet filmmakers and also the film-loving audience. 

Jenell experiences are full of adventures and unbelievable things, during quarantine time, her brilliant mind produced a film called “That’s Garbage!” It uses no actors, just two garbage bins found in her local park. She filmed it herself during her isolation walks, as the city was on lockdown.  She took lockdown as a positive thing, as many people were not around she could laugh on her own without being noticed. This film not only doing its festival run and has been accepted in 5 international fests, but also won an Outstanding Achievement Award at one of them!

The talent of Jenell is not limited, along with writing, producing, and directing over a dozen short films and also a web series. She is also a traveler and also the author of several travel guides, short story collections, poetry collections, novels, and memoirs including Asian on a Mission: My Solo Travel Adventures to the Seven Wonders of the World, The Wrong House and Other Stories, Quarantine Poetry. She continues to publish books via the Amazon platform and produce films under Asian on a Mission Productions, which is owned by her. 

This single article cannot pen down all the abilities and expertise of Jenell. She is an award-winning filmmaker who enjoys traveling to ancient sites around the world. Travelling and photography are included in her hobbies. She went to travel around New York, new jersey, Portugal, cape spear, Chicago, and, Lincoln memorial, in 2018. In 2019, this multi-talented lady traveled to London, Paris, and Egypt. In 2020, she discovered New Louisana and, Morocco. 

Jenell interests not only include collecting ancient things but art also fascinates her. She creates art out of gum wrappers turning them into little figurines. Most of them are portrayed as doing something like a person walking the dog or a person doing yoga. If you want to take some inspiration and learn more about her you can follow her at (

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