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Design and Music are if combined they give the best of art’s masterpieces. Everyone has their own choices once it comes to music. Even once we sit in the same car and are going to a long drive, everybody wants to listen to a unique melody. Melody and Music depend upon our experiences, our emotions, memories, cultures, or sometimes on the generations. Some people want to listen to the same songs repeatedly and some people have an entirely different and curious nature to listen to a new song every time. Music is not merely a hobby rather it gives meaning to our life. Music brings joy, pleasure, motivation, and melancholy to all kinds of emotions. 

Jelle Bot has been very cerebral to comprehend this customized approach for music lovers. He came up with this idea to explore the design industry. The main challenge for a designer is to devise a melody/animation of different music tastes, styles, and consumption so that the community can enjoy it together. Jelle Bot has diverse sets of goals in his life starting from music to design and covering all the business solutions necessary for Product Design & Development, and Integration (both vertical and horizontal). He is a Lean Digital Creator who provides a product development framework to new companies and CoreCo projects of big companies. Bot, with his dedicated team, creates customized icons for websites. He grants unique creativity and styles to his clients with their personalized demands. He is always open to suggestions to bring more creativity and distinctiveness in his work. He believes that music adds color to his day to day activities amplifying his emotions to create an enhanced experience!   

 Jelle Bot belongs to Netherland, one of the most vibrant and fascinating countries in Europe, well known for its diverse capital city of Amsterdam. As the place, he belongs, he is also a multicolored and stunning person. He loves beauty, art, composition, fun, and creativity indeed. He has reflective inspiration for music from his parents’ side. Bot’s mother is a singer in their region with some music bands. His father, who passed away a few years back, was also a Bass Guitarist. He always seeks pleasure in exploring his Parents’ musical instruments and he started learning how to compose nice melodies since his early childhood. It has polished his musical skills very gleaming and that escorts him to the design industry. 

Design in music has a very broader scope in the art industry. Jelle has completed his bachelor’s degree from  Amsterdam University of Applied Sciences. Then he started his career as a musician, designer, freelancer, and as a singer. The Bot is a multi-talented and versatile person who has design expertise not only related to the music industry rather he has skills in UX Design, Web Design,  Lead Design, UI Design, and Motion Design. Music and design are two very different creative industries but have similar objectives. As artists, musicians, and designers both aim to engage with their audience on the deepest level possible. They both aim to create something unique, stimulating, and memorable, and user friendly and fascinating. 

Jelle Bot has been honored with Golden Dot Awards 2016 and earned first place in that competition. It has raised his motivation for his passion. He has started his first featuring song in collaboration with a DJ in Spotify. Music is an experience! Not a Science…. Its always been a tough challenge for a UX Designer and a Musician to bring a creative and unique experience through the music. Jelle was very intimately closed to his father and he has the strongest inspiration from him too. Whilst his father passed away five years ago, that was a rotary point in his professional life to focus more on music. He wanted to please his sentiments associated with his father and therefore he strong-willed to merge his significance in design with his father’s profession as a guitarist. Consequently, he decided to choose his profession as a Designer and Musician. 

Besides his adeptness, he has fun-loving and gallant nature. He adores exploring the world. Jelle has an adventurous and curious mind and he seeks joy in natural beauty and sightseeing with friends. He insight into the wildlife and enjoys discovering it. His favorite sport is Football. Football motivates him to face and accept the challenges. He plans to go to watch live football matches with his friends and enjoys it. He performs in live music shows and he sings and composes on his audience choice. He gives basics of musical instruments lessons to kids and his friends. 

As a Musician or a designer, one wants to achieve a point where people remember your music band and your melodies. Whatever the genre, whatever the lyrics, whatever the instrument, music will continue to inspire designers, illustrators, and creative professionals for as long as both exist. Whether indirectly as a way of tuning in, or directly. it seems as though without sound there may be no vision, in more ways than one. If we attach some emotions with our music then this goal can be achieved in less time. Jelle hopes to achieve his career goals very soon!

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