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Dogs are considered to be one of the most favorite pet animals. Humans consider them as their best friends as they accompany them for life. Dogs are loyal to their owners and add an element of joy and entertainment to their lives. While having a dog is fun, it isn’t easy to groom them. Dogs require constant maintenance and grooming. For this purpose, dog groomers are a welcome addition to any dog owner’s life. Dog groomers work with dogs to make them look pretty. They shampoo, trim, and shape dog fur. They are also responsible for clipping nails and generally making the dog look good. Pet groomers are great with animals as well as with people. They listen to the owners’ requests for how they want their dog to look. Jayson Batista is one such dog groomer who has made a name for himself. People come from all over the city to avail of his dog grooming services. 

Jayson was born and raised in Peurto Rico. Ever since childhood, he loved having dogs around him in his house. He was passionate about the animal and soon, he learned about how to take care of the animal. Jayson decided to take his love for dogs to the next level as he decided to pursue a career in dog grooming. The dog grooming industry is currently one of the fastest-growing areas of pet care. Taking your dog to a professional groomer has its own benefits. Not only do groomers provide dogs with a professional cut for their furs, but they are also able to spot any skin issues that are missed otherwise. Dog groomers ensure that the dog looks as neat and clean as possible. Dog groomers put dog owners’ lives to ease as they won’t have to worry about taking care of their dogs’ overall outlook. Dog owners can easily take their dogs to a groomer and end up with a groomed dog. 

Jayson is a master at his field as he has been grooming dogs for years now. He knows how different dogs require different grooming techniques. He has experience with particular breeds. He is also compassionate and understands when a dog can get stressed out in unfamiliar situations. He is able to handle dogs properly and with care. He also pays attention to detail as he knows what he is doing. He ensures that the dogs remain safe during the process and their grooming comes out looking great. Jayson does his work with great dedication and hard work. He has great stamina as the job requires him to stand on his feet for long periods of time. Jayson is truly recognized as one of the best dog groomers in the area as he has been certified professionally. 


Apart from dog grooming, Jayson prides on his champion pure breeds. He has some giant schnauzers that he grooms. His dogs have won best in a show in 2017 and 2018. Schnauzers require a grooming cut that is hard to master. They require regular grooming, either by stripping or by clipping. The grooming is a laborious process. However, Jayson has dedicated his time and energy towards these schnauzers and ensures that they are always groomed properly and on time. 

He believes that everyone should love dogs and respect them. Jayson is also pretty active on Instagram. He posts adorable pictures of the dogs that he grooms. He also posts pictures of his schnauzers that he prides on. To look at the cutest dog pictures and videos, people can follow him on Instagram at @jaybatistagrooming.

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