Javier Hernandez (@dripgod_rico)


Javier Hernandez is an upcoming actor and a new director in the film industry. He has a luxurious lifestyle that is apparent from his social media accounts. He owns a penthouse, which is the product of his hard work and dedication towards earning and to be better in life. He lives in Miami, Florida, surrounded by lovely beaches, sunny weather, and the success of his career. Javier is the founder of the Limited Liability Company named Pyramid Studios. His aim in life is to help others and become capable enough to give back to society. Javier is an inspiration for all people who want a career in the film industry. He is an important personality who wants to benefit others. His success has taken him to many places, now he wants people to have more opportunities in order for their dreams to come true!

Javier has an Instagram with over 38 thousand followers that are accumulating every day. The Instagram feed reflects his affluent living that was obtained because of his work. Javier’s interests involve cars, exploring tasty food, and wearing lavish jewelry. He does promotions and collaborations on his Instagram posts and frequently writes motivational phrases for himself and his followers. One example of his quotes is,” I’m authentic, Real Name, No gimmicks, No Game, No Scrimmage”. Javier’s candid expression on Instagram represents his fun-spirited and strong-minded personality. He is charismatic and highlights how important self-worth and appreciation is for one to achieve their goals. Confidence is the answer to all motivational struggles in an individual’s career journey. Javier posses all the skills required to run a company, direct and act in films as well. He writes scripts for films and has a bright future ahead in the industry. This is possible by finding one’s potential and working with determination until the skill is refined. If you want to check out this brilliant man, then apply the username dripgod_rico on Instagram, and gain access to his socials, where Javier can be contacted for work and inquiries.

Javier has an onlyfans account too! He takes pride in living life on the best of terms, and the iconic expression ‘You Know The Vibe’. Javier is a gifted man with many skills, as he is an entrepreneur, writer, artist, and someone who models occasionally on the onlyfans platform. 

Javier’s contributions to helping other artists through his company and sources are popular among people. He has attained many memories throughout his journey that encourage him to keep his mind on track. According to Javier, the most essential event in his career occurred after finishing the script for a short film. The film is none other than his new production called Harlem Legendz. As Javier approached the end of writing the short film, G lock and his close friend reached out to him. Javier got to know that G lock and his friend have inside sources on Netflix and can bring up the proposal of Harlem Legendz to them. This unbelievable dream eventually became true when Netflix agreed to review Javier’s script. Afterward, Netflix accepted his script and that’s how Harlem Legendz become an official Netflix production. 

Harlem Legendz is the debut film of Javier, which sheds light on his capability to produce, write his work, and complete them, all by himself. His acting and direction activities have not yet released to the public. However, Javier has spoken about how his upcoming ventures will amaze his fans and are worth waiting for. He is an inspiration for people engrossed in the art of filmmaking, and entrepreneurship. He is the prime example of a talented individual who stops at nothing until the goal is fulfilled. Although Javier has a long road ahead into solidifying his ground in the film industry, his previous work and business display wonder about the projects he will build, in the future.

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