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Too many of us have gotten dependent on one thing during this pandemic- the screen. While it can be argued that all of us were already addicted to our phones, laptops, and TVs from before the pandemic, the level of attachment has risen exponentially. Now, these serve not just as ways to communicate, entertain, or to relax on, but also as a medium to progress academically, and thus we have become that much dependent on it. Aside from that, alienation from humans and friends and relying only on social media and online meetings to interact with those who were so close before has hit people hard and has increased the level of depression in a lot of people. To make themselves feel better, a large percentage of the population has started relying on movies and television shows to make it easier on themselves. This time has made us aware of how much we owe to all those who have made this their careers. Art of all forms is often scoffed but ultimately art is what keeps us sane. 

While many believe that art is simple and one dimensional, it can invoke any emotion the writer and director choose to and requires a lot of work to make. Filmmakers, writers, producers, and directors have to commit their entire lives to projects and only have one and a half hours, maximum 3 to show for it. It is only how they affect those who watch them that makes their hard work worth it. One such person is Jason Gobardhan who has dedicated his life to this craft!

Jason has one goal in mind- to create his content. He has long dreamt of writing and directing his movie and has pursued it for many long years. He and his friend have been dedicated to the craft for a great number of years and they even spent a majority of their childhood making sketches for YouTube!

One surprising and brilliant aspect of Jason’s career is that when he was faced with the decision of choosing an aspect of the film, he was flummoxed. He was attracted to all sides of it and thus choosing to direct or write or produce it left him with the grand question of what he would pursue. Jason had a brilliant solution for that- he decided to pursue all of them. And if doing one of them is hard then doing all is almost an impossible task! It’s long hours and no sleep, it calls for a lot of passion, dedication, and commitment and Jason was a person who decided to give It his all.

What motivated and pushed Jason was an interesting occurrence in his career. It’s one thing to idolize someone from afar- but when you get to meet your idol and appreciate their craft up close, it’s a whole level of motivation. Jason went to the private premiere of a film made by his favorite director along with his friend. He not only met the director later but also was able to have an in-depth conversation with him alongside the cast after the movie!

The reason Jason can function so efficiently which people often struggle with is the method he follows. Too many writers face writer’s block where they’re hit with a barrage of ideas at one point, and nothing at other times. However, Jason chooses to just write everything down whenever he has any idea or thought. By recording it he can always come back to it whether he’s currently pursuing it or not! Afterward, he bounces the ideas off of his friends, family, critics, and even strangers if they’re willing to listen. He knows that no work is perfect and is always open to corrections that help him progress!

Currently, Jason operates his Instagram @beermovies where he regularly interacts with his fans. He is also working on his debut film where he’s searching for Southeast Asian actors and actresses for his cast, so if you fit the criteria, do apply and pursue your dreams just as he is doing his!

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