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In recent years, a lot of youngsters have stepped up to the challenge of putting in their efforts and energy to make something out of themselves. With better education and more exposure to the world at a younger age, youngsters have been able to take on the challenge much better than most would have thought. What started off as lemonade stands on roadsides, garage sales, even handmade crafts so children can experience the feeling of earning some money with their own hard work and grit is something that can have a very positive effect on a child’s upbringing. The internet and it’s availability to children have also been a major advantage, one that children in the ‘90s did not have. With technological advancements, a lot of children, regardless of their gender or backgrounds, have been able to learn the ropes very early on and acquire valuable skills and knowledge that they would otherwise gain when they enter the workforce. Some children growing up with parents who have business backgrounds get exposed to working or doing some kind of business (similar to lemonade stands) fairly early on. 

Such is the case of Jan Wippermann, a 17-year-old boy with the influence of business and entrepreneurship practically running through his veins like blood, it should not come as a surprise to anyone that he is a successful business owner and entrepreneur at his age. Particularly being interested in E-commerce, Jan started young to learn as much as he could in hopes of pursuing his interest as a profession. Jan’s father is an entrepreneur and very business-oriented which made for a good role model and mentor for Jan at home. Having been in the business industry well before Jan became interested in it, he encouraged Jan to pursue what he was passionate about because you never know until you try. 

Jan’s pocket money became the funding of his very first online business, allowing him to enter the e-commerce market at the tender age of 13! With his background and environment, the success was almost immediate. He made his own money from the online shop he was running and it fueled his desire to do this properly. He became even more determined to succeed and learn more about e-commerce and how the market works online. With Jan being a child of the internet generation, he understood that the internet is where things catch on relatively faster. It’s global nature and the limitless opportunities the digital world has to offer lured Jan in completely, which only worked in his favor! 

Now, at the age of 17, Jan is a successful “e-commerce businessman” who has his own website to manage his online retail business. Dealing with trading, buying, and selling goods on an online forum through websites and other means, Jan is pretty much seeing his business rise from the ground up, with no place to go but up! His website ( is his venture where he deals with items like electronic gadgets, accessories, and even daily use items. The website is detailed, professional, easy to navigate, and provides detailed information about the company policies and methods available to make purchases. 

Jan’s interest in entrepreneurship led to his unimaginable success, and although it can be overwhelming for a teenager, he shows no signs of stopping. He still has the drive to improve and reach new heights, make new business relationships with the help of the online community. He also has an Instagram account (@dieserjan_) which already stands at a stunning 107,000 followers! With hopes of verification, Jan wishes for the blue tick that every Instagram user desires so that he can be taken seriously as am entrepreneur despite his young age. Helping him build his platform would help him propel his business, encourage and motivate him to carry on what he is doing, as it is not only fulfilling for him but also serves as inspiration for countless youngsters over the world. Jan is an example of the fact that you are never too young to start making your dreams a reality!

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