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Jamie Kerr is a mental health campaigner who is working on The Jet Set Mindset. This movement is all about spreading positivity. Jamie has organized many sessions and gatherings to speak to those suffering and allow them to meet each other through this movement. Besides this, Jamie is the founder of two apps aiming to make the world a better place in their own way.


Jamie has been working on mental health ever since he was young. He knew the meaning of mental health problems from an early age because of what he and his friends had faced. He understands how debilitating mental health problems can be. He had to see people in their worst state mentally and had even dealt with people on the verge of suicide. All of his experiences taught him the importance of having good mental health to be productive and lead a good life. It also taught him how to deal with one going through a tough time.

As time went on and Jamie got older, he realized he wanted to contribute to the world on a much larger scale. His friends and family encouraged him to help other people out, as he truly has a way with words. He was known for being the one who knew exactly what to say and how to say it, which gave people the boost they needed. Jamie was inspired and motivated to be the one to help others, he felt if he could help even one more person then he would have accomplished something huge.

Thus, Jamie started the Jet Set Mindset. This is a space full of positivity. The purpose of this movement is to remind people of their worth and to help them come out of a bad mental state to put them on the right path. Jamie knows how delicate this situation is and hence has created a group that is considered a safe space for those suffering. Through this movement, he hopes to help those suffering from anxiety, depression, and even suicidal thoughts. He is applauded for his efforts as everyone knows it is not an easy job.

Through the Jet Set Mindset, Jamie has worked with many different types of clients. Having spent so many years working in this field and being present on Instagram, he has gained a lot of experience and has adopted different strategies with different clients. Due to his expertise, he has also worked with celebrities and other public figures to discuss how to make the world a better place. This has given Jamie plenty to talk about and brought even more credibility to the Jet Set Mindset.

Currently, the Jet Set Mindset has over 4.8k followers on Instagram alone. They are extremely active on Instagram and social media in general. They like to post content almost every single day to make sure they are staying in touch with their clients, fans, and those who need to hear some words of wisdom and a sign of hope.

The Jet Set Mindset’s Instagram, run by Jamie, is full of hope, inspiration, and motivation. The photos shared are usually famous quotes by celebrities talking about never giving up and always working towards your dreams. Also quoted are lines about the importance of blocking negativity out of one’s life or they will be burdened. Moreover, other posts remind others to be kind and caring, to not have too many expectations of others, to believe in themselves, and to keep working hard to get where they are going in life.  

The Jet Set Mindset is doing everything right to be the world’s leading mental health campaign. Not only do they try their best to keep sharing hopeful and inspirational posts, but they also stand for justice and raise their voice for what is right. Recently they shared posts in solidarity with the black community for the Black Lives Matter movement. The Jet Set Mindset is certainly helping hundreds of people around the world every day and they plan on expanding in the future.

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